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  • Bushwick Apartment Roundup 9/15/10
    All nice, cheap stuff for singles and couples this week, though we included a large two-bedroom that clearly works for a family.
  • Bushwick Apartment Roundup 9/8/10
    A few good things we found trolling the internets, just for you, this week in fair Bushwick. Also check out the Bushwick Classifieds for more stuff.
  • Bushwick Apartment Roundup 9/3/10
    Budgets for most continue to be tight, so this week we continue to look for good deals...
  • Bushwick Apartment Roundup 8/25/10
    This week, we're focused on apartments for the moderate budget. Of course, prices for today's moderate budget were yesterday's "how the hell am I supposed to afford this" prices...
  • Bushwick Apartment Roundup 8/18/10
    It's another of those weeks where just finding places where you'll perhaps get your money's worth is a struggle....
  • Bushwick Apartment Roundup 8/11/10
    Some weeks it's hard just finding an apartment where it doesn't seem like you're doing someone a big favor to take it off the market for them. Here's the handful of places that at least seem to avoid that.
  • Bushwick Apartment Roundup 8/4/10
    It's no secret that a great many of the people who move to Bushwick come for the relatively cheap rent...
  • Bushwick Apartment Roundup 7/28/10
    We're looking at apartments in the $1200-$1400 range this week. They seem a bit expensive for "studios" but several are really just wide-open apartments with big square footage...
  • Bushwick Apartment Roundup 7/21/10
    Roommates and families aren't the only demographics attracted to 3br apartments -- anyone who needs space for books, art studios, or a home office can actually save money doing all of that in one place.
  • House of the Week: 1078 Hancock
    This block of Hancock Street is nothing to write home about, but it does have its pluses, including trees and modestly well-kept houses...
  • Bushwick Apartment Roundup 7/14/10
    This week, everything is from our own Bushwick Classifieds -- yes, you could have easily found these yourself, but then, you wouldn't know what I thought about them. Right? Yeah.
  • Bushwick Apartment Roundup 7/7/10
    A range of stuff this week, below $1200, all across the neighborhood. Don't forget to see more or post your own stuff to the Bushwick Classifieds...
  • Bushwick Apartment Roundup 6/30/10
    This week, everything between $1050 and $1200 -- some amazing Victorian-detailed places in different locations, some hot, some not so much.
  • Bushwick Apartment Roundup 6/17/10
    I kept it under $1100 this week, and there was some pretty good stuff, including real two-bedrooms if you're willing to live pretty far from almost anything...
  • House of the Week: 221 Cornelia, Reduced
    I hate to just repost a House of the Week but this seems like such a good deal, especially now that it's been reduced a further $30,000...