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Bushwick Apartment Roundup 7/6/11

Some great stuff this week, from $1100-$1500, studios to huge railroads. Check out the Bushwick Classifieds for some more rentals, a few things for sale, and other services. $1475 -- 2br rr: Great, big, charming old apartment in an excellent location. Look at that '30s tile on the kitchen walls! Tons of old details like parquet, moldings, and plasterwork, a little rough aroudn the edges but has fabulous bones you can easily whip into shape. Close to absolutely everything great in ...


  • Bushwick Apartment Roundup 4/20/11
    Happy 4/20, the calendar's most chuckleworthy date for many reasons we won't go into here. Spring is a great time to search for apartments -- snowy moving sucks.
  • Bushwick Apartment Roundup 4/13/11
    The roundup is back! This week, go easy on me, I found four good ones in our own Bushwick Classifieds, from a $1100 railroad to a $2100 three-bedroom place that's as big as a house.
  • Bushwick Apartment Roundup 1/5/11
    And we're back in a new year, and sourcing exclusively from the Bushwick Classifieds! $1300-$1750 for a range of product and locations, and I threw in a beautiful roommate situation.
  • Bushwick Apartment Roundup 12/1/10
    The colder months are a great time to be in the market for an apartment -- nobody wants to move around the holidays, so you can often find some good deals with less hassle and competition.
  • Bushwick Apartment Roundup 11/3/10
    Some great two-bedrooms this week, all over the neighborhood, from $1195 to $1250.
  • Bushwick Apartment Roundup 10/28/10
    This week, it's 3brs and one 4br, in a range of prices and qualities, from a humble railroad to a luxurious penthouse that you can still make work on a budget if you have roommates.
  • Bushwick Apartment Roundup 10/20/10
    Some two bedrooms and up for you this week between $1200 and $1295 -- some really lovely, spacious things available if you're willing to compromise on location a bit.
  • Bushwick Apartment Roundup 10/6/10
    Cheap cheap this week -- starting at $825 for your very own apartment. Of course, in this price range there are some iffy parts, like sometimes location is either not so hot or not listed.
  • Bushwick Apartment Roundup 9/29/10
    This week, why not check out the rooms available in the neighborhood, because not everyone wants their own apartment.
  • Bushwick Apartment Roundup 9/22/10
    Here's what we got this month at the absolute bottom of the scale -- we have sifted through all the rough and handed you the diamonds, though you'll have to do your due diligene on one of them.