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  2. A City Was Born
    by Drew and the Medicinal Pen
  3. A Song For Ginny
    by Sixhourdrive
  4. Acetylene
    by Chris Weilding and Sue Kessler
  5. I Wish I Knew
    by Sharon Van Etten
  6. John 1135
    by Activists/Dictators
  7. Just Like Babies
    by Ghost Front
  8. Love is a Dog From Hell
    by Pass Kontrol
  9. Lynette
    by Ching Chong Song
  10. Marxists And Marigolds
    by This Frontier Needs Heroes
  11. Suspicious Package
    by No One and the Somebodies
  12. Untitled
    by Buffie Roseanne Gilbert
  13. ricochet (live in bushwick)
    by the Suite Unraveling
    we come with robots!
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