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  2. After Curtain ( Beirut cover)
    by *Starr*
    a cover of Beirut's "After Curtain" by *Starr*
  3. John 1135
    by Activists/Dictators
  4. Burying the bones
    by Anna K. Jarosz
    Ok, I am not technically a Bushwick local but I live just next door in Greenpoint and I am playing a show at 'The Northeast Kingdom' on Wednesday 2/24 with the wonderful "Wylie Toms" and I would love you to come!
    My name is Anna K. Jarosz and I am from Scotland, having moved to Brooklyn in June 08 to pursue my music in the big apple! With a new album on the way and a bunch of shows coming up in February and beyond, I am feeling quite lucky really! I hope you like my music. See you on the 24th!
  5. "Beatles" Mashup
    by Anthony Simon
    100% Beatles Material

    Download my CDR at:

    Bushwick drummers lets play live together!
  6. ETC
    This is the 2nd single from our fourth album JWNS, which will be out one month from now.
  7. HAVE (I doN't need nO man in the sky.........ooooo..........++......
    by ashcan "orchestra"
    optional lyrics:
    i don't need no ho-ly mountain.
    i don't want no man-in-the-sky.
    got all i need,
    within me.
    don't got no-one to blame.
  8. requiem for mjh
    by ashcan "orchestra"
    that's mario maggio out front.
  9. Milton Cardona -- "Ebioso (Atropolis Global Bass Remix)"
    by Atropolis
    Atropolis's global bass remix of the deep house original by Latin percussionist Cardona.
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