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  2. Ill Iteration
    by DATALOG
  3. Fool of Fools
    by Knox
    A track of their Free EP, To Rush, Roar and Murmur. Out Sept. 2nd.
  4. An original track of tech house meets minimal.
  5. Tekno Girls (demo produced by Old American)
    by Camille Corazón
  6. Dabble in Haunt
    by Oak Island
    This is my Oak Island song for July.

    From Ridgewood. or for more.

    Thanks :)
  7. Pecific
    by Brandon White
    Hot Hit single off of BW's new EP "Everything a Weapon", which will be available for purchase (3 bucks) off of that crazy ass bandcamp thing. 08/02/11: it arrives.
  8. You Could
    by Stephen Jaye
    Download full EP for free at!
  9. I dig the blog!! We're from San Diego (a band of lifeguards), found you through a band we're playing with called triptides.
  10. Mr. Ribakoff
    by Maybe the Welders
    Local four piece Maybe the Welders have been rocking Brooklyn and NYC for a few years now. This from their Hot Shot EP realeased in 2010. Go to their website for news on shows and where to download more songs
  11. Hot Shot
    by Maybe the Welders
    Mayeb the Welders are a local four piece rock band living and working in Bushwick. They perform regularly in local bars and at parties. this is the title track from their debut EP relaesed in 2010.
  12. Lake In My Head
    by DATALOG
  13. Lips, Hands
    by Rick Louie
    Slow single from forthcoming EP.
  14. The Astronaut
    by Foxfur
    I'm looking to collaborate with other musicians (primarily if you play keyboards and various non-guitar instruments like the clarinet! and also can sing).

    Also looking to work with directors who want to direct music videos. If any of the songs on the bandcamp give you an idea or two, let me know.
  15. Into Electric
    by DJ Miagi ft. Juke Setizen
    DJ Miagi is a traveling turntablist and has recently began producing original minimal and tech house tracks with Juke Setizen providing vocals.
  16. Closer
    by Cave Days
    Cave Days is a Brooklyn based rock band. It consists of Jon Murphy on vocals and guitar, Richard Thomas on bass and Robert Corsetti on drums. However, Cave Days was originally incepted as a two-piece band with Erik Leubs on electronic percussion, synthesizers, and background vocals. Erik and Jon wrote, produced and recorded the Cave Days EP (2011) consisting of 6 songs (7 songs if you got a copy at a show). These songs were originally written by Jon between 2007 and 2010.
  17. Under Your Spell
    by Noise Administration
    The link is a live show at 950 Hart Gallery during Bushwick Open Studios. That was turned into a little art piece.

    I like the stripped down version with the intimate setting. Though, there is a live version with the full band to the right.
  18. Flutterby
    by Starlight Girls
    Starlight Girls releases new song "Flutterby", announces CD release show July 12th at Glasslands with Hello Phones, Wild Vibes and Anni Rossi
  19. Skyland
    by Dirt City Magic
    We have videos of newer songs that we wrote while living in Bushwick at our youtube page.
  20. Dig Up Yer Bones
    by Dirt City Magic
    We live right by the Myrtle Whycoff stop on the L, by the Food Bazaar. We play around brooklyn and the lower east side.
  21. Neurotic
    by thedirtycoast
    Sent the wrong file before

    This is the first single from the new Album "A Vast Regressive State" you can get the album from the blog

    watch the video here:
  22. Neurotic
    by thedirtycoast
    First single from the new album "A Vast Regressive State" available on the blog in CD and download formats

    check out the video here:
  23. Magic Tricks with E
    by Old American
    the music video for this is here:

    which further justifies the rewind sounds
  24. Man Against Himself
    by Kronos Effect
    Hey! We are an acoustic 2 piece that currently reside in Bushwick and Greenpoint. Our Bass player Jon was interviewed by Sejan Yun for a piece on employment in BUSHWICK BK. We'd love to have you review our work. Hope you love the self-produced recording.
  25. Summer Stars
    by Lunchbox Riot
    Hi Amanda,
    Thanks for getting back to me. I would have replied sooner, but I just had my first baby this week...yay!
    So I hope you enjoy this track. It's fun, catchy, danceable, and totally homemade by me.
    You will find a bio on and more tracks at
    THANK YOU for your support! I couldn't do this without you.
    -Mike Salerno
  26. Scaling Beardmore Glacier
    by Speaking In Tongues
    Speaking In Tongues is a DIY indie-rock music project lead by Alex Profera. Started in his hometown of Staten Island, NY in 2007 and refined on the Purchase College & Westchester music scene by playing shows with an array of musicians from the university and local area. Antarctican Apathy is the sophomore follow up EP to the previous "The Pharaoh's Dance", and interesting meld of indie & prog rock. With a more solid direction and cohesive aesthetic Alex has forged an entirely self created indie-rock gem by throwing doo-wop, punk, and pop into the mix. Now involved in the Bushwick/Ridgewood NY DIY scene, the band features a full line up including multi-instrumentalist, producer, writer Kyle Pollard on keys (Bad Credit No Credit, We Are Not Bears), All-state jazz drummer Steve Levine of Captain Hippo fame, and classical guitarist Alex Truitt on bass. The album has been written up in various sources including UK blog Sonic Masala, Kode Magazine, and featured on The Hype Machine.
  27. Vanilla Sky
    One of the songs that will be on the 5-6 EP later this summer. Available for free until the iTunes/CD release.
  28. Blue Skies
    by Mary Alouette
    Beautiful music + dangerous rhythm = gypsy jazz. Played here with members of Swing Rencontre in Montréal, Canada.
  29. Neon Light
    by The Unglued Radio Workshop
  30. Diamond Star
    by Neon Dynamite
    Neon Dynamite is an original party band based out of Bushwick, Brooklyn that formed in May 2010. They are influenced by funky dance pop and often compared with Prince, Michael Jackson, The Rolling Stones and James Brown. Their mission is simple: To compel Mother Earth to dance. They get down. You will too.

    Upcoming BUSHWICK shows:
    July 9th - Goodbye Blue Monday, 9pm
    July 29th - Don Pedros, 11pm
  31. get spent (version)
    by semifinalist
    pay close attention
  32. Mr. Charlie Mustard
    by Old American
    the video for this is here:
  33. Aquarium
    by Hello Phones
    A second track. :-)
  34. Drip
    by Hello Phones
    Forgive me I sent a download link to the wrong place over the weekend. Anyway sorry about that. We dig the blog and site very much. Hope all is well -:)
  35. Hollow Body
    by Diablo
    amplified hollow body guitar, resonating in constant feedback. the sound is changed through: variation in tuning; slight touches to the strings and body; proximity of the performer; and adjustments to various effects pedals in use (3 total). recorded live at Goodbye Blue Monday on 1/10/11
  36. Wreak Of Truth
    by Realm Reality
    From his new mixtape, The Invisible Man:
  37. ETC
    This is the 2nd single from our fourth album JWNS, which will be out one month from now.
  38. Set Go
    by The Rex Complex
    The Rex Complex lives in Bushwick. Just got back from a U.S. tour to SXSW and are putting on some shows in Bushwick this summer. We're playing The Morgan Friday April 29 @11pm with Vesper and TOBY. The Rex Complex is also playing Wednesdays in June at Orwell Cafe with our friends Railbird. You can find more info at and also our at The Rex Complex facebook page.
  39. Stressed/Pressed
    by BIG UPS
    Kid tested, Dad approved...
  40. The Way Love Spins
    Brooklyn Rock with a throwback to backwoods soul.
    This song is available for free download, the three track EP is available as well.
    Keep your eyes open for the animated music video of "The Way Love Spins" in production right now.
    Alec Stephens III is the MC of the Potion Collective open mic, Mondays in Bushwick.
    You can see him Easter Sunday Eve at Kenny's Castaway in the E. Village with several of Brooklyn's finest.
  41. Codec
    by Jefferson High
    'Codec' off the debut record; Midnight Junkie by Jefferson High
  42. Cheap Livin'
    by Phil and the Osophers
    Hello! We've been living in Bushwick since 2005. It's the only neighborhood we've lived in since we moved from California.

    I'm also a regular visitor to Bushwick BK, and it's great that to have a Bushwick-centric place to go to on the internet.

    Thank you!
  43. StephanieStephane (raw)
    by Bird Courage
    Bird Courage is the latest arrangement from local artist Erik Meier. Currently in-studio working on the release of their debut full length (May 2011) Here's a sample to check out!
  44. Hungry Ghosts
    by Jefferson High
    Check out Bushwick locals Jefferson High.

    Download they're debut record; Midnight Junkie here:
  45. (Where Do We) Draw The Line
    From my debut, self-titled EP, I AM THE THIRD
  46. Out of Style
    by Heirloom
    Latest song from the ongoing album Solos. Available for free download at
    Currently seeking bassist and drummer !
  47. Don't Call Me
    by Cult Grrlfriend
    Jordannah Elizabeth of Cyclical Silver Sick Sunshine is venturing out on her own with the new track "Don't Call Me", under the alias Cult Grrlfriend.

    She's showing her chops as a multi instrumentalist and producer on this track. Enjoy!

  48. StephanieStephane
    by Bird Courage
    Follow us on Bandcamp, Twitter and Facebook for studio updates, the official release of the full length album, shows, tours and more!
  49. friend crush
    by FRIENDS
    matthew from FRIENDS here. just wanted to drop off our new single to you, that just came out on tuesday. your site waz even kind enuf to do a listing for our tour kick off show back in jan

    hope you all dig the tune. keeep up the gooood work.
    Matthew/ FRIENDS
  50. Disaster
    by Elastic Summer
    Hi guys,
    My name is Rebeca and I'm the singer/songwriter in Elastic Summer. We're a pretty new alt-pop band based in Bushwick, and we just released a 5-song EP for free on bandcamp. We have a lot of NYC shows coming up (cake shop, bowery electric, cameo, studio at webster, legion) and would love to be featured on the blog if you like us.
    Thank you for your time!
    - Rebeca
  51. Ay Ay Ay (feat Sean Paul)
    by Tony Touch
    From the mixtape The Piecemaker 2.
  52. Until Next Time( Love Love) Snippet
    by Carl Sherron
    This song is for any body who is going through relationship problems.
  53. Ceilings
    by Shad[]B[]x
  54. Bushwick duo TeV95 & Admiral Grey's second release from their upcoming self titled EP. A Deluxe EP including instrumentals and vocals to all four songs will be available April 1.
  55. No Plan
    by BIG UPS
    Party punks that rehearse on Cook St. We play lots of parties in Bushwick and some bars in Williamsburg. Hope y'all enjoy this track.
  56. Lon Chaney Blues
    by Baby Erection
    The wild post modern pop punk stylings of Baby Erection makes for an intensely fun and crazed musical experience.

    They are die hard lofi artists from the corners of Bushwick.

    Dig it.
  57. Silhouettes and Sunsets
    by Kerri Lowe
    Soothing, lyric folk song, written and performed by Kerri Lowe. Download the EP for free at
  58. Pay Yer Dues
    by The Nuclears
    The Nuclears' self-titled full-length debut on MegaPlatinum Records is available on vinyl and as a digital download April 2, 2011. For album previews, the band's weekly podcast, and more information, visit

    Recommended for fans of the Stooges, the New York Dolls, the MC5, & the Dictators.
  59. All The World Of Carbon
    by Timatim Fitfit
    Hello There,
    I just released my self titled EP Timatim Fitfit for free download, and am sending you the new single called 'All The World Of Carbon.' Because digital media has made it so simple to release new material, I have decided that Timatim Fitfit will remain an Open Album. I will be continuing to add new music to it as I continue recording. The cover art was done by the amazing Bushwick collage artist Vahge and can be seen at As a side note, part of this song was recorded during that crazy tornado we had back in September and there is a lot of yelling and rushing water hidden in the background.
    In Good Faith,
    Tim Cluff
  60. The Ocean's End
    by Night Shining
    You can download the entire album for free at
  61. Hallelujah
    by No Kill
    Noisy pop, rock & roll, beers, boys & blonde girls. Shake it, baby!
  62. Thats Love
    by Yankee Bang Bang
    Bushwick Based Garage Pop with Indian Influences!

    Next Show is Feb 26 at Public Assembly with Swingset Committee
  63. Tell Me I'm Wrong
    by Vividly Dim
    From their debut EP "Quicksand"
  64. World Traveler
    by Vividly Dim
    From their debut EP "Quicksand" available now!!!
  65. Your Letter
    by Crash Robin
    "Your Letter" is one of Bushwick trio Crash Robin's new demos. It is emotional, tight, strange and wonderful. Crash Robin is Jim Earl on vocals and guitar, James Michael on drums, and Michael James on bass.

    See their website or find them on facebook for more tunes, show info, and more.
  66. A seasonally appropriate song.
  67. Gangstash
    by Left Boy
    If you like what you hear, check out the new mixtape free for download @
  68. Faux Decrescendo
    by Cyclical Silver Sick Sunshine
    New music from a new band in Bushwick!

    We love you!
  69. Drama feat Joell Ortiz and The Game
    by Ghostface Killah
    New Ghostface track featuring Cooper Houses own Ortiz. Download via 2DopeBoys:
  70. White Lights
    by Howth
    ~~self-titled album coming early February~~

    Carl Creighton + Blake Luley play the instruments. Carl Creightons sings.

    *Rachel Epp sings on this one*

  71. Needles and Pins
    by Howth
    Recorded in a basement in Bushwick circa 2009.

    Carl Creighton + Blake Luley (toytrain, Baby Fever) play the instruments. Carl Creighton sings.

    *this track features Jesse Newkirk (Steel Phantoms) screaming/singing on the chorus.*

  72. Odd Proclamation
    by Oak Island
    From Ridgewood, January's song.
  73. Woooah (It's a Mini Mix)
    by P-Really
    Hey, I know you guys are always looking goodies from local Bushwick folk. I'm a huge huge fan of your site because it pretty much updates me on everything (including the fire next to my old apt on Stagg the other day)
    For the last few months I've been putting this mashup/mixtape together containing around 100 samples from close to 50 songs.
    I became tired of the typical mixtape bringing nothing creative to the table other then a couple transitions and one or two loops.
    Think Avalanches 'Since I Left You/Gimix' or eclectic Girl Talk with ADD.
    Hope you guys enjoy!
    Below are all the songs I took the samples from:

    Common-In My Own World (Check The Method)
    Toots & The Maytals - Funky Kingston
    The Avalanches - Run DNA
    The Avalanches - Under Inspection
    The Gladiators - Bellyfull
    Supertramp - Lady
    La Chatte - Rien (Claude Violante Remix)
    Sound Dimension - Iron Side
    S.O.S. - Colegiala Dub
    The Upsetters - Zion's Blood
    Franco Et OK Jazz-Boma - L'Heure
    J Star - One Life (Instrumental)
    Salsoul Orchestra vs Beenie Man & Ms Thing - Getaway Dude
    Chemical Brothers - Lost In The K-Hole
    Morgan Geist & Erlend Oye - Lullaby & A Place in My Heart (Acapella)
    Manu Chao - Le P'tit Jardin
    Fleetwood Mac - Dreams
    Daft Punk - One More Time
    40 Thieves - Don't Turn It Off feat. Qzen (Brennan Green Mix)
    Velvet Underground - Sweet Jane
    Fort Knox Five - Get This Party Started
    The Knocks - Dancing With The DJ
    MSTRKRFT - Bounce (feat. N.O.R.E.)
    Bost & Bim feat. Brisa Roché & Lone Ranger - Jamaican Boy
    The Binary Cumbia Orchestra - La Inconformable
    Pacha Massive - Don't Let Go
    Los Rakas - Abrazame (Uproot Andy mix)
    Cornelius - Drop (Kings Of Convenience Remix)
    ? - Salsa Verde
    Alborosie - Kingston Town (Uproot Andy Remix)
    Aretha Franklin - Save Me
    Chinese Man - Searching For The Space
    Diplo - Blow Your Head
    Roy Docker - Mellow Moonlight
    The Fabulous Flames - Holly Holy
    Weird Tapes - Party Trash
    Zizek - Brooklyn Cumbia
    Duke Dumont - Feltham (The Borstal Beat)
    Chromeo - You're So Gangsta
    Free The Robots - Jazzhole
    James Brown - My Thang (Regrooved by DJP)
    dZihan & Kamien - After
    U.N.K.L.E. - Invasion (Medway vs Eva: Coast to Coast remix)
    Phyllis Dillon - We Belong Together
    Little Dragon - My Step
    Royksopp - Only This Moment (Headman Remix)
    Thomas Blondet - Havanna 2am (Omegaman Remix)
    The Transatlantics - On Fire
    Feist - I Feel It All (Escort Remix)
  74. For You and Your Headaches
    by Pezzettino

    press info sent to Jeremy Sapienza
  75. Only One
    by Pezzettino
    single from album LubDub

    Press Kit sent to Jeremy Sapienza
  76. Lush Life
    by Monarxxx
    Band of siblings from Connecticut (now in Bushwick) looking for percussionist. Vocals not yet added.
  77. Next Step
    by Lindsay Dragan
    Dear BushwickBK -

    I love your blog! It helped me relocate to Bushwick awhile back and also helped me get acquainted with the neighborhood. Please take a listen to my music. If you like it, I'd love to hear back from you.

    I'm an active musician around NYC and have an upcoming gig at Lucky Jack's in the LES on January 6 at 9pm.

    Thanks so much and keep it real :)

  78. After Curtain ( Beirut cover)
    by *Starr*
    a cover of Beirut's "After Curtain" by *Starr*
  79. End of Time
    by Vividly Dim
    We're from Ridgewood Bushwick's quiet neighbor lol give us a listen Cheers!*VD*
  80. Mind Waves
    by TeV95
    from Crime Loops a collage of beats, edits, and loops.
  81. Asleep in the Belly of a Tree
    by Wailin' Storms

    Wailin' Storms is a man of the now who looks to the then. He looks to the raw and primal blues of the 50's. To the time when country music started to swagger and become rock-and-roll. There he sees the urgency in Howlin' Wolf, the conscious oddity in Screaming Jay Hawkins. He learned the teachings of Charlie Feathers and listened to Johnny Paycheck's meditations on murder. He looks to the old and it teaches him. He takes from old and makes his own.

    Despite being born the son of a preacher--a Southern Baptist with a no drinking, dancing, gambling, all fun=sin dogma--Wailin' Storms can't help that impulse to do what he wants to do. That bible thump never was music to his ears and it did not take. Maybe it is that older blood in him that makes him this way, the cowboys and wandering backwoodsmen of his descendants that never quite learned to settle down.

    He came to the music he makes now through punk. He played in a number of that sorta band in South Texas from the 90s into the oughts. Then he went off on his own in 2005 and began crooning and hollering. He took a slide to his guitar and started playing twangy, gritty sounds. He played around a bit in South Texas and after a performance on a pirate radio station the DJ surmised this was "Texas Doom Country Blues" that he was hearing. That description suited this new thing just fine.

    Other's down there in the southern part of Texas had a thing or two to say as well. Richard Guerrero of the Corpus Christi Caller Times once wrote, "while classic influences such as Roy Orbison and the Everly Brothers as well as Nick Cave and Glenn Danzig are obvious, Justin's morose wail is a fresh one in an age of cut-and-paste digitized rock. Storms says it best when he characterizes his sound as... ‘the wind's asthmatic voice howling through (an) empty window view.’ Couldn't have said it better myself."


    Where: The Trash Bar, Brooklyn, NY

    When: Tuesday, December 28, 2010
    8:00pm - 21+

    9:00 - WAILIN' STORMS


    Where: Arlene's Grocery, New York, NY

    When: Thursday, December 30, 2010

    10:00 - Wailin' Storms
    9:00 - Sons of an Illustrious Father


    Where: Pete's Candy Store, Brooklyn, NY

    When: Monday, Jan 3rd, 2011

    10:00 - Wailin' Storms


    Where: Goodbye Blue Monday, Brooklyn, NY

    When: Monday, Jan 15th, 2011
    Sat Jan 15 08:00 PM
    • Nico Soffiato
    • Wailin' Storms
    • cyclical silver sick sunshine


    Where: Otto's Shrunken Head, Brooklyn, NY

    When: Monday, Jan 29th, 2011
    Saturday Jan 29
    • Wailin' Storms 7pm
  82. Morphine Drip
    by Red Sullivan
    from our debut EP, "The Bridge."
  83. Run Towards the Bridge
    by Red Sullivan
    from our debut EP, "The Bridge."
  84. Lightning
    by Red Sullivan
    from Red Sullivan's debut EP, "The Bridge."
  85. Neo Ninja
    by Crash Robin
    Crash Robin is Jim Earl (vocals/guitars), James Michael (drums), and Michael James (bass).

    This is a preview of our upcoming 23 song EP, which will be released next year. This particular track is only available here.
  86. Four Color Fear
    by Oak Island
    Song #4 in Oak Island's song a month series.
  87. Wendigo Psychosis (LBJ mix)
    by Enoch A.L.N.
  88. Fun
    by Heirloom
    Bushwick via Chicago. Playing at Trash Bar on 12/30. Thanks for taking a listen!
  89. Moonland
    by Starr
    For info, music, comments, critiques send an email to
  90. Courage
    by Partners in Stars
    We are an electronic pop duo making noise and doing our record DIY style on St. Nicholas in Bushwick! You can often find us garnering inspiration at Bodega Wine Bar after practice. We hope you like this! xo
    Evers, Partners in Stars
  91. No How
    by Timatim Fitfit
    No How is the first release from Timatim Fitfit's forthcoming album, set for release in January, 2011. No How tells the story of Tim's struggle with a corrupt Brooklyn slumlord and a leaky apartment building that is slowly filling with water. During one particularly soggy evening, a house guest made recordings of these leaks. These recordings are sampled throughout the song along with field recordings of a heavy rainstorm.
  92. Life In Grey
    by Erik Meier
    Featured on the Wait of the World EP. For free download of the three track EP, follow the link =]
  93. Shots on the Block
    by U-Krime
    From the mixtape New York Krimes Vol 2, hosted by Tony Touch.
  94. High Tide Edict
    by Oak Island
    Ambient pop music w/ some Doom-worship drums and much arpeggio
  95. Scared Little Doggy
    by Whales/The Magic of Multiples
    I recorded this EP in my bedroom over the past couple months or so. If you like it you can download it for free at

    Thanks for listening!
  96. Red Hot World
    by bartholomew
    Stream and free download of our three 2010 EP's at
  97. Glo Rida
    by Perfect Glass
    yo! just moved to bk from chicago! here's some music i've been making from home lately. i've been listening to a lot noise and dance music these days.
  98. Milton Cardona -- "Ebioso (Atropolis Global Bass Remix)"
    by Atropolis
    Atropolis's global bass remix of the deep house original by Latin percussionist Cardona.
  99. Come Back
    by Mail the Horse
    Hey Bushwick!

    We're new in town. This is a track off our upcoming LP, due out in December. If you like it, join our FB group and share it with your friends. Drop us a line if you want to do a show!
  100. 2 El Sabor Del Tigeraso (Jasmine Solano Mix)
    by Cobra Krames & Dirtyfinger
    Cumbia hip hop beats. Big.
  101. Neteru Council
    by The Prosulas
    Recorded @ Good Friend Electric located inside the famous Mckibbin St. Lofts in Bushwick
  102. Bucket of Water
    by The Prosulas
    Recorded @ Good Friend Electric in the famous Mckibben St. Lofts
  103. Meeker Ave.
    by Battery One Dollar
    Lo-fi pop band from the Bronx, NY. Recently featured on NYU Radio.
  104. Meeker Ave.
    by Battery One
    Lo-fi pop band from the Bronx, NY. Recently featured on NYU Radio.
  105. Fractures
    by GOSPELS
    i live in greenpoint, this sites ill.
    my music is shoegazey with traphouse beats


    Frames of Reference LP drops november 2010 on Hand Rolled Gold

  106. Fluids
    by Durians
    From the EP "Adrenochrome Gnome"
  107. Ground You
    by Oak Island
    Song #2 from a monthly series.
    Basement-based ambient pop music.
  108. Weaving
    by Oak Island
    A song a month from the Bushwick/Ridgewood border.
    Basement-based ambient pop music.
  109. Step High
    by Ductape Halo
    Ductape Halo Ensemble resides in Bushwick, Brooklyn, NYC. They play fast, tight songs that brings together sounds from Blues, Punk, Gospel and straight up Rock n' Roll to create a genre know as Country Punk. It is the live performance though, that sets Ductape Halo apart from other bands. The severe intensity gets people moving and wanting to drink some cold beverages down!
  110. We Could Be Indie
    by yellowbirddd
    indie folk/rock. free album:
  111. Brooklyn Fever
    by yellowbirddd
    indie folk/rock. free album:
  112. Ladybird
    by bartholomew
    Hello fellow Bushwickites, we've got another three songs posted and ready for YOU to download fo' FREE!

    10/22 Bushwick v. CMJ at The Mckibbin Lofts; 10/29 Gutterpop party at Bushwick Project for the Arts; 11/5 The Canal Room NYC (lookout!); 11/12 Good Friend Electric at The Mckibbin Lofts; 11/17 showcase showdown at Spike Hill
  113. Nubb
    by Durians
    Eli Chalmer: Keys, Trombone, Lunchbox
    Nick Kirshnit: Electric/MIDI Bass
    Ryan Ramirez: Drums
    Featuring Leon Gruenbaum (
  114. Killing Live Music
    by Durians
    Eli Chalmer: Keys, Trombone, Lunchbox
    Nick Kirshnit: Electric/MIDI Bass, Trumpet
    Ryan Ramirez: Drums
    Featuring Leon Gruenbaum (
  115. cherry red wine
    by golden bones
    Brian, Mason, Duncan and Travis
  116. Recover (from that feeling)
    by MAURI
    Hi, is Nadina, from Argentina...
    I am dropping a song from my record "MAURI" hope you like it...Thanks!!

  117. Above It All
    by Luba Dvorak & The Banned
    Luba Dvorak & The Banned from the album "Under the Radar" available on itunes.
  118. "Beatles" Mashup
    by Anthony Simon
    100% Beatles Material

    Download my CDR at:

    Bushwick drummers lets play live together!
  119. Genji Glove
    by Jangula
    Jangula's EP is four tracks (Gengi Glove, We
    Both Like Me, Less Than Masks and
    Pachinko) that capture what the band is all
    about: great melodies, catchy riffs, beats
    that make you dance and fun, smart lyrics
    to scream along to. Their high-energy
    music and attitude is infectious and hard to
  120. Oh Eva
    by Tiny Tornadoes
    In light of our resent weather...
  121. heyo (nihiti pulsing morning mix)
    by la big vic
    psychedelic remix of la big vic - heyo (silver morning) by nihiti
  122. Sinnerman
    by Reign State
    This Nina Simone cover is a B-Side from our EP "Neko Neko"

    The full EP streams here:
  123. Ever Changing World
    by bartholomew
    Some people walk the world with a smile, others ramble on about what I should do.
  124. WE GOT SAZON THE VIDEO.. this video was shot all over Bushwick.. Troutman st. , Bushwick Park (Maria Hernandez PK) Knickerbocker ave. Grove & Mrtle ave. etc..
  125. ALL I KnOW
    by SoundBoy Cartagena
    "ALL I KNOW" The video check it out it was all shot in Bushwick
  126. Jaclyn Ann
    by bartholomew
    'Wake me a little slower, haul me up to my feet, I'm running against the wind, high on Mckibbin Street.'

    free six song download at:

  127. Oh Oh Oh
    by Shiv Hurrah
    Hello Bushwick Music!

    Here is a song called "Oh Oh Oh" by our band, Shiv Hurrah. We live in Bushwick and are playing at Northeast Kingdom Friday, 8/27 with Rescue Birth and Adam Balbo. Hope you like it!

  128. Went to Brazil
    by U SAY USA

    U SAY USA is:
    Steve Nelson - Vocals, Guitar
    Ian Gilliam - Lead Guitar, Ambience
    Leif Nelson - Drums
    Jake Strunk - Bass, Vocals

    August 28 @ McKibbin Street Fair
    August 30 @ Philly Basement Show
  129. Tightropes
    by Springs
    Springs is Mike Visser of Pass Kontrol

    Upcoming shows include:

    Aug 22 - The Rock Shop, Brooklyn
    Aug 23 - Tin Angel, Philadelphia
    Aug 24 - IOTA Club,
    Arlington VA
  130. Waste My Time
    by Springs
    Springs is Mike Visser of Pass Kontrol

    Upcoming shows include:

    Aug 22 - The Rock Shop, Brooklyn
    Aug 23 - Tin Angel, Philadelphia
    Aug 24 - IOTA Club,
    Arlington VA
  131. Rock and roll....

    Entire new album available as a free download on our website

    12" Vinyl Record Release Party on September 4 at Little Skips.
  132. Miss DEMO
    by y/y
    Y/Y is a Brooklyn-based band consisting of Jason Meeks and Conrad Burnham, formerly of the Binary Marketing Show. The two began writing songs in the spring of 2010. They take an experimental approach to pop music, with an emphasis on driving percussion. Mixing electronics with guitar and drums, the two create a dense sonic atmosphere.
  133. Future Former
    by Michelle Hotaling
    Michelle's new EP, "Sweet Clarity", is out now and available on Amazon, iTunes, and We're working on an exciting new project that is sure to stir up some conversation so stay tuned...
  134. Shooter
    by Not Blood Paint
    Hey. This is the first single off our upcoming full-length. We released it just over a week ago on Soundcloud and between their site and myspace we've already had near 600 plays. We're hoping to gain some cyberspace support before our midwest tour in early September. Thanks for listening. -NBP
  135. Buzz Around You
    by postMagic
    The name of our ep is: Curved is the Line of Beauty. postMagic is: Sam Coffey, Aaron Hornblas, Christina Sucgang. Enjoy,

    Aaron H
  136. Damage Is Done
    by bartholomew
    download "Dream Rock EP" [free!] on our MySpace, and look out for bartholomew in Bushwick this summer!
  137. Love Is Blonde
    thanks for yr consideration!

    Oh, when you kiss me
    I think of the human race
    And all the shitty things that people do to each other
    And oh, when you hold me
    I think of motherhood
    And wonder why any woman would ever usher in another
    But when you dance with me
    Things become so clear
    We're all just dancing here
    A celebration absurd
    Love is blonde!
    Well if it's '99 or 2011
    We can ascend on the dance floor
    And if it's '99 or 2011, we can still ask for more!
  138. Bunny, Peter & Bob (The Break-up Of The Wailers)
    by Rahtid Sound
    We're a Dubstep collective based in Bushwick. Here's one of the tracks from our latest mixtape 'Nuff Niceness'.
  139. Punctual Pete
    by Big Game
    Big Game plays Home Sweet Home on July 19! Here is a taste of the poppy side of Big Game.
  140. We On-The Bond Song
    by David E Beats x The White House Band
    New Brooklyn band, David E Beats x The White House Band present their first single "We On-The bond Song" off their upcoming EP "The Method".

    Upcoming Shows
    Public Assembly, July 4th,10pm
    Crash Mansion, July8th, 11pm
    Fat Baby,July 14th, 8pm
    M1-5, July 15th, 10pm
    National Underground July 20th, 9pm
  141. Nite Club - Code of The Streets (Mike Dextro Remix)
    by Mike Dextro
    Exclusive Merchandise MP3 with Digital Heroine
  142. scene thru a glass
    by S.Q.E.
  143. Story of a Question
    by S.Q.E.
  144. Pendulum Furs
    by Old American
    wobble those ears
  145. Prelude in G
    by the Suite Unraveling
  146. Animal hits
    by thedirtycoast
    check out the videos i made for this and other songs on the website
  147. Neteru Council
    by Shamari Rockca
    This song is inspired by L.A Banks novel The Vampire Huntress Legend
  148. Soldier Rio Ferdinand
    by Shamari Rockca
    This song is inspired by Manchester United Defender Rio Ferdinand who was assaulted in Spain for being a soccer player that is black. Rio is a soldier on the battlefield standing against racism in futbol!
  149. Bucket of Water
    by Shamari Rockca
    All songs are on iTunes. The title of the new album is Soldier Rio Ferdinand
  150. Dazzling Raiment
    by Shamari Rockca
    Mattanja Da Silva on Violin
  151. Dr. Muppet The Dystopia
    by Shamari Rockca
    I play along with Potion Collective Group at Little Skip's in Bushwick. I started back in 2008 along with Emerick who was the owner of Potion Cafe. My name is Shamari Rockca and I have gigs booked for July.
  152. Octagonic Angel
    by Shamari Rockca
    I play along with Potion Collective Group at Little Skip's in Bushwick. I started back in 2008 along with Emerick who was the owner of Potion Cafe. My name is Shamari Rockca and I have gigs booked for July.
  153. Your Letter
    by Jim Earl
    Jim Earl, lo fi tunes from the basement of the Hit Factory.
  154. Woodland Daydream
    by Sonschein
    Debut single 'Woodland Daydream' from Sonschein. Released 5/5/10 on Flaneur Audio.
  155. Flaneur de la nuit
    by Christopher Ernst
    Track off the debut album Ein Monat (One Month). Released on Flaneur Audio.
  156. Particle of Dust
    by SoulinguaL
    First track off the debut studio EP, released on Flaneur Audio. Written & recorded on/in Locust St. Quality Rock.
  157. Falling
    by Bits and Pisces
    One of the songs from the upcoming dual EP release by Brooklyn post-punk/ shoegaze band Bits and Pisces.
  158. sun shatterer / joining the fire
    by nihiti & viktor timofeev
  159. Manuelita Rremix
    by Uproot Andy and Geko Jones
    MP3 via the Attorney Street blog.
  160. Parallelogram Shaped Silver Smoke Case
    Bushwick lo-folkers Equestrian can be seen Thursday April 15th at Pete's Candy Store. FREE 10pm.
  161. It's Been a While
    by Jimmy Ohio
    From the Basic Black EP
  162. Broke With Holes
    by GunFight!
    More new songs on our Myspace!
  163. I Like U
    by bartholomew
    Free 5 song download:
  164. You Never Know
    by Pezzettino
    Hey! Excited about moving to Brooklyn!


    most often compared to Regina Spektor (on this track)

    Two albums under belt, one on the way (bun in the oven!), to be released once I settle in the area..

    Download and enjoy! Get in touch! Margaret Stutt on Facebook, @pezzettino on twitter
  165. Maple and Magnolia
    by bartholomew
    FREE download of our full EP:
  166. Clavicle
    by Telecopy
    (listen up - listen up - no one will know -- )

    just one time! just one time!
    if it could only be!
    ah! me -- !

    just to notice that aroma there
    and you then touch every cell of my body

    hold me close - keep me there
    hold me close - keep me there

    try to have it -- what you asked for --

    wasn't it what I asked for --
    it wasn't what i asked for --
    it wasn't what i asked for --


    i never understand your body
    what is so far away from me

    (how far?)

    burn out the candle
    put the wax on my back
    you wanted it there
    and i kept it for you --

    smell of your hair
    this orchid
    i am tying the braids into knots
    that i tie into knots
    that i braid into knots

    /i will take you back
    when will you take me back/

    so say you again --
  167. The Road To Rio
    by bartholomew
    Hi there! This is 'The Road To Rio' from our new EP 'Maple and Magnolia'. We tracked it ourselves at our studio at The Mckibbin Lofts.

    Download the whole thing at and find us on Facebook to say hello!
  168. Mouhamadou Bamba (Justyn's version)
    by Orchestra Baobab
    Hello.I took this vocal from this great tune and threw a bunch of nonsense around it. The People who own the rights asked me to put this bit at the bottom whenever I post this song->

    Mouhamadou Bamba (Attisso/Seck)
    Published by World Circuit Music/Copyright Control
  169. Green
    by Mitten
    After working together at a radio station in New York, Joanna Katcher and Maia Macdonald quickly realized their mutual appreciation for unique, percussive, melodically unpredictable music. Within a year, they had begun to email song ideas back and forth, and shortly after began creating music together under the name Mitten.

    Maia grew up in Ridgewood, NJ and has spent her life writing and performing music. She is a prolific singer-songwriter, and has been playing live solo shows throughout New York for the past four years. Her distinctive vocal and musical style was heavily influenced by her passion for Haitian drumming and a trip to Haiti in 2003.

    Joanna started playing piano at age three and followed her love of music composition through college and graduate school at NYU. As a native Oregonian, she was heavily influenced by the independent rock scene in the Pacific Northwest. Now a post-production audio engineer and composer in New York, her technical experience and obsession with new wave and 80s music has informed her electronic production style.
  170. Calvalcade
    by Mitten
    After working together at a radio station in New York, Joanna Katcher and Maia Macdonald quickly realized their mutual appreciation for unique, percussive, melodically unpredictable music. Within a year, they had begun to email song ideas back and forth, and shortly after began creating music together under the name Mitten.

    Maia grew up in Ridgewood, NJ and has spent her life writing and performing music. She is a prolific singer-songwriter, and has been playing live solo shows throughout New York for the past four years. Her distinctive vocal and musical style was heavily influenced by her passion for Haitian drumming and a trip to Haiti in 2003.

    Joanna started playing piano at age three and followed her love of music composition through college and graduate school at NYU. As a native Oregonian, she was heavily influenced by the independent rock scene in the Pacific Northwest. Now a post-production audio engineer and composer in New York, her technical experience and obsession with new wave and 80s music has informed her electronic production style.
  171. Folkimal (Original Mix)
    by Fase Miusic Sender
  172. God Laughs
    by the Marsh Hens
    2010, off the 7 inch EP "Filth Rattle"
  173. Waterbug Beach
    by the Marsh Hens
    2010, off the 7 inch EP "Filth Rattle"
  174. Romanticism and travel abound throughout WRH's music. A snapshot of longing for and leaving the perfect mistake.
  175. World Class Peoples (Cosmetics Remix)
    by These Are Powers
  176. dear sheila (original mix)
    by Fase Miusic Sender
    this is a track off of Airdropped 003 (Airdrop's free download series coming soon at
  177. Bushwick Bohemia
    by Emanuel Xavier
    From the spoken word/music collaboration album, "Legendary - The Spoken Word Poetry of Emanuel Xavier"
  178. Burying the bones
    by Anna K. Jarosz
    Ok, I am not technically a Bushwick local but I live just next door in Greenpoint and I am playing a show at 'The Northeast Kingdom' on Wednesday 2/24 with the wonderful "Wylie Toms" and I would love you to come!
    My name is Anna K. Jarosz and I am from Scotland, having moved to Brooklyn in June 08 to pursue my music in the big apple! With a new album on the way and a bunch of shows coming up in February and beyond, I am feeling quite lucky really! I hope you like my music. See you on the 24th!
  179. Bushwick resident, Matt XXVI's solo project... This is Single off of upcoming EP, "The Sum of the Parts".
  180. "Pencil/My Piano/Firehouse (Soroka RMX)"
    by Wu Tang
  181. Red Ribbons
    by Bartholomew
    From the 2009 solo EP Wild Colours. (c) 2009.

    Follow at
  182. This song is based on Miranda July's short story by the same name. It was written for the Bushwick Book Club's night of songs inspired by Miranda July's book of short stories, "No One Belongs Here More Than You." Dibson Hoffweiler is playing drums and singing background vocals. Matt Colbourne, trumpet. Recorded and mixed by Brian Speaker.
  183. This is a song Phoebe wrote for the "BReakfast of Champions" night of the Bushwick Book Club, held at Goodbye Blue Monday.
  184. Cincinatti
    by Bill Bartholomew
    From 2009's 'Wild Colours - EP'. Stream audio and video and view tour dates @
  185. Trial & Error
    by Peter Kirk
  186. Heaven and Earth
    by Owusu, Robert Drum, and Nkuiijaa
    From the album Glory Be To The Father
  187. okinawa fight song
    by nihiti
  188. Theme from Bushwick
    Instrumental from Brooklyn Noise Poppers, EQUESTRIAN.
  189. dillusion
    by chantilly
    new album out in december!
  190. siobhan's song for jakob
    by nihiti
    before the storm.
  191. And Then We Spiral
    by Juviley
    Juviley's new album is now available for free download at

  192. The Sun
    by Mike Romeo
    Goodbye Blue Monday 10/17!
  193. Dreamin' (KRTS RMX)
    by Blu
    Soul lyrics over wonky hip hop beats.
  194. 081308mrg1
    by _vectorzero
    Surreal world of sound
  195. 080208evildeer031908fix
    by _vectorzero
    Surreal world of sound
  196. Equine Cassette
    BUSHWICK Lofi Pop Noisers
  197. The Revolution Always Starts Tomorrow
    by Mike Lovesick
    Playing at Northeast Kingdom this Monday Night! (10/5)
  198. half a house
    by Sarah Kinlaw
    Northeast Kingdom, October 12th @ 10pm.
  199. Desert Grace
    by Natalia Serna

    "In the borders of this world that is where I want to remain singing songs about the ones that cross, it is their courage that haunts my soul"
    The little girl in this song is Jessica, I met her on the border after being deported with her dad, she was hoping to see her mom in L.A.
    Natalia Currently lives in Bushwick and loves to collaborate with nice people.
  200. Giant's Causeway
    by Telecopy
  201. The Belly Of The Beast
    by Dandelion Snow
    from Bushwick-based Dandelion Snow's, It's Just A Bad Dream, out September 29th, 2009 on Big Bullet Records...
  202. Weed King (GBV cover)
    by The Library is on Fire
    Cover of Guided by Voices' "Weed King". This song is only available at!
  203. Atlantic City Girls
    by Mike Lovesick
    Singer/Songwriter who just relocated to Bushwick from Upstate. Would love to perform in a Bushwick venue!
  204. Been Such A Long Time
    by Kats & Domer
    Download all our music for FREE at
  205. Masquerade
    by Chiara Angelicola
    Brooklyn-bound artist from San Francisco.
  206. the ringing in (the sun is rung)
    by nihiti
  207. the return of kind ropes (laku noc, dusan k)
    by nihiti
  208. Darling Johnny
    by The Aviation Orange
    hey, we're a bushwick based band and we just released our debut LP. We'd love to send someone over there a copy to review.

  209. Uh Oh, that was a different mp3 than the one I meant to send. D'oh. Here's "For Sparrow". The first one was "Owllullaby" -Thanks!

    Cabinet of Natural Curiosities

  210. Hello there,

    We are Jasmine Dreame Wagner and Alex Wilson of Cabinet of Natural Curiosities. We're currently living in Bushwick/Ridgewood and are hoping you're into the music we make. Nice to meet you!


    Here's two other places to find us:

  211. The First Time
    by Blueyed Son
    acoustic early rocknroll style rhythm churner for reunited lovers
  212. Uncertain Futures
    by Sharon Shattuck
    You can read more about this song here:
  213. love the site, y'all. thanks for listening!
  214. Los Angeles Guitar Dream
    by spanish prisoners
    This song is from our free EP of the same name.

    Download the whole thing here:
  215. American Anthem
    by Bill Bartholomew (Governours)
    From 'World on a Wire' (2008), the solo EP from Governours front man and Bushwick Music Studios' Bill Bartholomew.
  216. we're a new bands that plays rock and roll...from bushwick
  217. Built A Life
    by Bonnie Baxter
    Download the Free 5 Song EP "Unelectric"
  218. Clint Walkingstick
    by The Significant Figures
    Listen to / download our new album at our website, now!
  219. todisseverfromthisbody
    by _i
  220. Fire
    by Werewolves
  221. Your Eyes Don't Flap They Flutter (Espresso Bugs)
    by Old American
    nobody wuv me. what a world.
  222. All You Need
    by GunFight!
    From our new EP, "Hide Your Empties," on BNS Sessions.
  223. Brooklyn Instrument Museum is a loose collective of (mostly) Bushwickians, Williamsburgers and Greenpointrons, who get together on the 3rd, 13th and 23rd of each month to jam.

    We start with a nice collection of vintage and unusual musical instruments, add some mild intoxicants to the mix and let the instruments do the talking.

    We only have 2 rules for our jams - No Songs, and No Spectators!

    We hope you enjoy "Ghosts," and let us know if you'd like to hear more, or join us for a jam sometime!
  224. Dark Lady
    by ¡cowgirl!
    come see ¡cowgirl! perform at MMNY, June 21st, Williamsburg, n. 6th and Bedford, 4 PM.
  225. Tanguango
    by Djangos and Tangos
    Tanguango by Astor Piazzolla. Shameless plug: WEDDINGS RESTAURANTS BARS ETC -
  226. requiem for mjh
    by ashcan "orchestra"
    that's mario maggio out front.
  227. Colors
    by Mike Romeo
    Pete's Candy Store May 27th
    I really love this site, and this new addition is fantastic!
  228. HAVE (I doN't need nO man in the sky.........ooooo..........++......
    by ashcan "orchestra"
    optional lyrics:
    i don't need no ho-ly mountain.
    i don't want no man-in-the-sky.
    got all i need,
    within me.
    don't got no-one to blame.
  229. Ollie Mess
    by Love Like Deloreans
    love like deloreans is the electronic collective conciousness of band members lorna krier, derek muro, and peter pearson. the band was born of synthesizer dreams and drum machine wishes. drawing from the heady krautrock of bands like cluster to the infectious wish-i-could-stop-dancing grooves of 80s new wave, bubblegum, and disco, love like deloreans creates a sound world that is somewhere between a submarine ride on europa and the best prom night ever.
  230. u Dont know me
    by Dollarmentary
    bushwick stand up
    bushwick& putnam
    the whole bushwick
  231. Rïhanna
    by Donkey Skin
    The Charleston May 4th
  232. One To Change
    by Bonnie Baxter
  233. Stick Out Your Can
    by Jimmy and the Wolfpack
    spastic rock and roll.
  234. St. Powers
    by Noveller
    "a fantastic set of earthen, full-bodied float, nestled halfway between the maciunas ensemble’s rubber-band / motor experiments & the more structural chime of remko scha" - mimaroglu music
  235. Say the Words
    by Swine Blue
  236. Four Five (I Will Survive)
    by Ava Luna
    "Focusing in on the tension between a charged post-punk drum-and-synth-bass rhythm section (Alex Smith and Nathan Tompkins respectively) and the combined vocal talents of manic frontman Carlos Hernandez and a trio of startlingly gospel-voiced backup singers, the combination is fresh and invigorating and, live, posesses a magnetic appeal."- Impose Magazine
  237. Jalopey
    by pass kontrol
    grandma died on the way. we buried her in an unmarked grave, along the side of Route 66, next to a fucking gas station.
  238. B38
    by pass kontrol
    the B38 is a fictional bus that runs on a fictional street called "DeKalb Ave." It runs through fictional neighborhoods called "Ridgewood, Bushwick, Bed-Stuy, Clinton Hill, Fort Green and Downtown Brooklyn".
  239. ricochet (live in bushwick)
    by the Suite Unraveling
    we come with robots!
  240. A City Was Born
    by Drew and the Medicinal Pen
  241. A Song For Ginny
    by Sixhourdrive
  242. Acetylene
    by Chris Weilding and Sue Kessler
  243. I Wish I Knew
    by Sharon Van Etten
  244. John 1135
    by Activists/Dictators
  245. Just Like Babies
    by Ghost Front
  246. Love is a Dog From Hell
    by Pass Kontrol
  247. Lynette
    by Ching Chong Song
  248. Marxists And Marigolds
    by This Frontier Needs Heroes
  249. Suspicious Package
    by No One and the Somebodies
  250. Untitled
    by Buffie Roseanne Gilbert