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  2. All The World Of Carbon
    by Timatim Fitfit
    Hello There,
    I just released my self titled EP Timatim Fitfit for free download, and am sending you the new single called 'All The World Of Carbon.' Because digital media has made it so simple to release new material, I have decided that Timatim Fitfit will remain an Open Album. I will be continuing to add new music to it as I continue recording. The cover art was done by the amazing Bushwick collage artist Vahge and can be seen at As a side note, part of this song was recorded during that crazy tornado we had back in September and there is a lot of yelling and rushing water hidden in the background.
    In Good Faith,
    Tim Cluff
  3. No How
    by Timatim Fitfit
    No How is the first release from Timatim Fitfit's forthcoming album, set for release in January, 2011. No How tells the story of Tim's struggle with a corrupt Brooklyn slumlord and a leaky apartment building that is slowly filling with water. During one particularly soggy evening, a house guest made recordings of these leaks. These recordings are sampled throughout the song along with field recordings of a heavy rainstorm.
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