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  2. Scaling Beardmore Glacier
    by Speaking In Tongues
    Speaking In Tongues is a DIY indie-rock music project lead by Alex Profera. Started in his hometown of Staten Island, NY in 2007 and refined on the Purchase College & Westchester music scene by playing shows with an array of musicians from the university and local area. Antarctican Apathy is the sophomore follow up EP to the previous "The Pharaoh's Dance", and interesting meld of indie & prog rock. With a more solid direction and cohesive aesthetic Alex has forged an entirely self created indie-rock gem by throwing doo-wop, punk, and pop into the mix. Now involved in the Bushwick/Ridgewood NY DIY scene, the band features a full line up including multi-instrumentalist, producer, writer Kyle Pollard on keys (Bad Credit No Credit, We Are Not Bears), All-state jazz drummer Steve Levine of Captain Hippo fame, and classical guitarist Alex Truitt on bass. The album has been written up in various sources including UK blog Sonic Masala, Kode Magazine, and featured on The Hype Machine.
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