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  2. Red Hot World
    by bartholomew
    Stream and free download of our three 2010 EP's at
  3. Ladybird
    by bartholomew
    Hello fellow Bushwickites, we've got another three songs posted and ready for YOU to download fo' FREE!

    10/22 Bushwick v. CMJ at The Mckibbin Lofts; 10/29 Gutterpop party at Bushwick Project for the Arts; 11/5 The Canal Room NYC (lookout!); 11/12 Good Friend Electric at The Mckibbin Lofts; 11/17 showcase showdown at Spike Hill
  4. Ever Changing World
    by bartholomew
    Some people walk the world with a smile, others ramble on about what I should do.
  5. Jaclyn Ann
    by bartholomew
    'Wake me a little slower, haul me up to my feet, I'm running against the wind, high on Mckibbin Street.'

    free six song download at:

  6. Damage Is Done
    by bartholomew
    download "Dream Rock EP" [free!] on our MySpace, and look out for bartholomew in Bushwick this summer!
  7. I Like U
    by bartholomew
    Free 5 song download:
  8. Maple and Magnolia
    by bartholomew
    FREE download of our full EP:
  9. The Road To Rio
    by bartholomew
    Hi there! This is 'The Road To Rio' from our new EP 'Maple and Magnolia'. We tracked it ourselves at our studio at The Mckibbin Lofts.

    Download the whole thing at and find us on Facebook to say hello!
  10. Red Ribbons
    by Bartholomew
    From the 2009 solo EP Wild Colours. (c) 2009.

    Follow at
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