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  2. Ill Iteration
    by DATALOG
  3. Fool of Fools
    by Knox
    A track of their Free EP, To Rush, Roar and Murmur. Out Sept. 2nd.
  4. An original track of tech house meets minimal.
  5. Tekno Girls (demo produced by Old American)
    by Camille Corazón
  6. Dabble in Haunt
    by Oak Island
    This is my Oak Island song for July.

    From Ridgewood. or for more.

    Thanks :)
  7. Pecific
    by Brandon White
    Hot Hit single off of BW's new EP "Everything a Weapon", which will be available for purchase (3 bucks) off of that crazy ass bandcamp thing. 08/02/11: it arrives.
  8. You Could
    by Stephen Jaye
    Download full EP for free at!
  9. I dig the blog!! We're from San Diego (a band of lifeguards), found you through a band we're playing with called triptides.
  10. Mr. Ribakoff
    by Maybe the Welders
    Local four piece Maybe the Welders have been rocking Brooklyn and NYC for a few years now. This from their Hot Shot EP realeased in 2010. Go to their website for news on shows and where to download more songs
  11. Hot Shot
    by Maybe the Welders
    Mayeb the Welders are a local four piece rock band living and working in Bushwick. They perform regularly in local bars and at parties. this is the title track from their debut EP relaesed in 2010.
  12. Lake In My Head
    by DATALOG
  13. Lips, Hands
    by Rick Louie
    Slow single from forthcoming EP.
  14. The Astronaut
    by Foxfur
    I'm looking to collaborate with other musicians (primarily if you play keyboards and various non-guitar instruments like the clarinet! and also can sing).

    Also looking to work with directors who want to direct music videos. If any of the songs on the bandcamp give you an idea or two, let me know.
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