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  • The Self Medication of a Cobra Krames Rave

    Oh, you weren't aware Cobra Krames makes sleazy music? Lesson learned: His new EP is called Drug Music, and it's on the strip club meets muddy floor warehouse rave tip. Hard trance meets trap. The stand out song is "You're The One". Metallic piano key echoes swarm around horror movie slide whistles. Guttural basslines growl and deep synth stabs pulsate. A boom bap clap smacks the track about. Get ready for daylight.
  • Debut Video From Icewater

    Icewater "I Know That Dream" from Dennis Roberts on Vimeo. With autumn ready to creep in on us this weekend, the lush greenery of Bushwick folk trio Icewater's debut video is quite pleasing. "I Know That Dream," a simple little ditty with an appropriately earthy vibe for its setting. The video was directed by Brooklyn-based Dennis Roberts, who has also done videos for Morrissey, Beck, and Stone Temple Pilots. The house of mirrors look he employed is an interesting way ...
  • JMAY's Global Bass Zeroes in on India

    Apparently local producer JMAY has a wealth of South Asian influenced tracks hidden on his drive, and he's thankfully decided to share another with the interwebs. This one features drones, strings, and drums all common on the subcontinent but spliced with dancehall and hip hop genetics. It's on a pretty chill tip with a languid tempo and straight forward percussion, but the sounds are outsized and the melodies rise with a sense of the epic. The progression of the track ...
  • Secret Project Robot Moving to Melrose

    Yeah Yeah Yeahs 10th anniversary party at Secret Project Robot. Williamsburg's loss is Bushwick's gain. Following the end of their lease, Secret Project Robot will be moving to 389 Melrose Street. The art gallery and peformance space's new home will be smaller than its current location, but is adjacent to a 4,000-square-foot lot, which will probably be quite nice come next summer. Moving with them are experimental art rock band Oneida and the Live With Animals gallery. ...
  • The Portraits of Axel Dupeux

    Photographer Axel Dupeux came to NYC from Paris seven years ago for an internship and never left. New York, and later Bushwick, just became too comfortable for him. His above portrait of the vocalist Jahdan Blakkamoore - which was taken in 2009 for Spex Magazine around the time his Buzzrock Warrior album dropped - is what first caught this writer's attention. We've mentioned Jahdan a few times in these pages. But Dupeux also does street portraits of his neighbors in ...
  • Kria Brekkan and Prince Rama Collaborated at Shea

    Former múm frontwoman (and Avey Tare's ex-wife and -collaborator) Kría Brekkan played a solo show at Shea Stadium last night. Brekkan's solo performance was a largely abstract exercise in vocal manipulation. She spent most of her set hunched over a collection of pedals, her voice wafting about in erie waves. She also had a laptop set up to play pre-recorded sounds including piano and non-specific bell-like tinklings. It is the type of performance that, in less ...
  • Bushwick Music Review: The Golden Age of Transit

    Each week we’ll highlight a different song by a Bushwick band or artist we like. If you would like to have your band’s song considered, you can submit an MP3 here. The bones of the Golden Age of Transit's "Two Birds" are telling of a singer-songwriter tradition, but the flesh of the song is something much fuller. The sturdy acoustic base is realized through subtle percussion and bright electric guitar leads. The deceptively cheerful backing vocals on the chorus ...
  • Knox is Lost in Dark Fields

    The enveloping noise of invisible life inhabiting a night field casts a net of comfort over the discord of their lives as Knox stares at where one another should be in the darkness of "Fool Of Fools". Disembodied memories speak as loudly as the effected narration. Organic, delicate drums and keys keep a loose pace. But a deep sub opens up under the bottom of reserve, and passion lets out. The drums kick harder and the vocals ring clear asking ...
  • The Right Format: An Interview with I'm Turning Into

    Originally from the greater-DC area, multi-instrumentalists and childhood friends I'm Turning Into have spent the last few years establishing themselves in the Bushwick DIY scene and recording. Their debut full length, Parcels of Marbles was released in July on cassette and digital download. BushwickBK recently sat down with Edd Chittenden, Jhon Grewell, and Steve Tarkington to discuss Brooklyn's scene, recording, and cassettes.
  • Melancholic Pop By Kile Atwater And TeV95

    Despite everything, it's all good. That's the message of this weighty new track that focuses on the pressure and pain only to ultimately conclude things will be alright. Sung by newcomer Kile Atwater and produced by TeV95, it's certainly "a blend of dark pop with a neo-soul influence, a melancholic record of sorts, but with a positive message," as they state. TeV95 lives in the area and runs a media collective and creative workspace based out of Brooklyn Fireproof called ...
  • Bushwick Music Review: Fan-Tan

    Each week we’ll highlight a different song by a Bushwick band or artist we like. If you would like to have your band’s song considered, you can submit an MP3 here. With '80s fandom giving way to '90s revivalism, Fan-Tan seem to be hedging their bets with a song called "1989." It helps that the particular bit of '80s nostalgia they've chosen to focus on the predecessors of dream pop and the softer, artier rock of that era's British bands. ...
  • Rap Videos By Darnell Williams

    It's not exactly news that music videos have regained their relevance in this post-MTV era. Darnell Williams is part of this new crop of filmmakers filling an integral role in the internet-driven music world, especially in hip hop. This Bushwick dweller deals mostly in rap videos, often handling key grip for Ill Roots videos. But he plays a number of other roles as well, and he directed the above video of Boldy James's "I Sold Dope All My Life". Williams pairs ...
  • New Tropical Mix By Nappy G

    Nappy G's new tropical minimix includes DJ Sabo, Jon Kwest, Nickodemus and more.
  • Bring in the Noise: CSC Funk Band

    It's only been a couple of weeks since we first mentioned CSC Funk Band as part of the line-up of the relocated Rock Yard. The 10-piece big band style party outfit is focused on massive horn sounds and — as their name would suggest — funky rhythms supported by multiple percussionists. The occasional guitar line sneaks in with a bit of rock crunch to contrast the sheen of the horns. The vibe is decidedly early '70s, before ...
  • LOL Boys Get Jacked in the Ghe20 G0th1k

    The weekly Ghe20 G0th1k events have been featured pretty frequently around here. Usually it's because of the guests they bring. But it should be noted that the party, run by Venus X, is one of the most forward thinking nights in New York right now. The music they play is bleeding edge, the guests they invite are on the frontlines of creativity, and they are making a serious effort to bring diversity to the often homogenous world of electronic music. ...