The Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council (RBSCC) is a social service non-profit organization that operates on both sides of the borough line. It was founded in 1973 by now-Brooklyn Democratic Boss and NY State Assemblyman Vito J. Lopez (53rd District) as a senior center and expanded over the years to run several senior and youth centers and multiple subsidized housing projects for low-income residents of all ages. It also famously provides free Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners and “country” outings for seniors, presided over by Lopez. By law, Lopez cannot have a direct role in RBSCC, but his technically unofficial role is understood to be a controlling one. RBSCC employees, staffers, and beneficiaries are all expected to help in — and vote for — the various political campaigns backed by Lopez at the Bushwick Democratic Club in an informal quid pro quo detailed by Prof. Nicole Marwell of Columbia University, who studied the organization for years.

RBSCC is funded by grants, city and state budgets for various programs, and City Council members’ discretionary funds. It’s headquartered at 217 Wyckoff Avenue. Contacts: 718-366-3800 |

Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council (RBSCC) Coverage on BushwickBK:


9/17/10: RBSCC Under Major Investigation, Faces Shake-Up
Jeremy Sapienza, $20m Bushwick nonprofit in big trouble mostly for incompetence not fraud

9/16/10: ‘Secret Report’: RBSCC Riddled With Fraud
Jeremy Sapienza, Daily News provides little details based on leaked “secret” city report

4/7/10: RBSCC Employee Busted for Defrauding City
Jeremy Sapienza, employee submitted fake attendance sheets (opinion/analysis)

3/9/10: Lopez, RBSCC Reach Out to ‘Hipsters’
Aaron Short, Lopez and RBSCC start a tenant-rights outreach program for “newcomers”

1/21/10: Bushwick Community Board ‘Live’: Jan ‘10
Aaron Short, RBSCC proposes a “green” low-income housing project

12/30/09: Politics and Religion: A Bushwick Christmas
Aaron Short, on RBSCC’s Christmas festivities

9/10/09: 34th District Candidate Profile: Maritza Davila
Aaron Short, on the Council candidate who works for RBSCC

8/26/09: Bargaining for Bushwick
Aaron Short, on Prof. Marwell’s book, studies, and talk on RBSCC

7/30/09: In the Country With Vito Lopez
Aaron Short, Lopez and RBSCC takes seniors on a picnic in Long Island

7/21/09: Times Have Changed on Knickerbocker Avenue
Aaron Short, a story on RBSCC’s social and business development activities

6/26/09: Diana Reyna and RBSCC: What’s Really Going On?
Aaron Short, on dirty politics between Council member Diana Reyna and RBSCC

5/11/09: Did Lopez Push for Son-in-Law’s MTA Promotion?
Jeremy Sapienza, on Lopez politics as tied into RBSCC (opinion/analysis)

5/9/09: Political Vandalism on Melrose?
Jeremy Sapienza, on dirty politics at an RBSCC development

3/6/09: RBSCC Gets Public Money for New Kitchens
Jeremy Sapienza, on Lopez’s ability to secure funds for RBSCC (opinion/analysis)

2/3/09: Lopez Machine Moves to Crush Reyna
Aaron Short, on a political showdown over the funding of an RBSCC development

6/20/08: For $65K, a Place for Bushwick’s Weeds to Play
Kevin Mahoney, on a poorly maintained playground partly funded by RBSCC

Broadway Triangle Coverage:

12/22/09: Broadway Triangle Plan Passes in Council
Jeremy Sapienza, on the Triangle Plan passing in Council and other items (opinion/analysis)

12/1/09: The Broadway Triangle, Now Playing
Aaron Short, on the drama surrounding the Broadway Triangle plan; also political analysis and plan description

4/3/09: Abused Kids Pawns in Brooklyn Power Struggle?
Aaron Short, on Lopez’s dealings with the Catholic Church to secure developmental control over the Broadway Triangle.

(This list does not include political or Lopez coverage aside from that which involves RBSCC)