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Bushwick Culture

  • Bushwick Culture Weekly Picks 8/4/11
    Well, we have another jam-packed week ahead. There's a new art space to welcome, a 3-day music festival, a BBQ celebration of mustard (yes) and pop-up art.
  • WE ARE: Cash, Guns, and Feminism
    A 50 caliber M2 lays loaded and ready on the ground next to a thousand-dollar stack of cash. One of the walls of this sparsely lit room is pocked with a dark viscous substance. No, this is not a crime scene.
  • Bushwick Culture Weekly Picks 7/28/11
    Plenty of dance, art, music, some BARNraising, and a brand new bike-in movie series -- that calendar is filling up pretty quick.
  • Ridgewood's Museum of Garbage
    We all know that one man's trash is another man's treasure, but it's less well known that the other man is named Nick DiMola and lives in Ridgewood.
  • Bushwick Culture Weekly Picks 7/21/11
    Art is definitely big for the weekend, along with loads of music, fun benefits, and for the more Bushwicky: a clothing swap, a pig roast, & a fascinating video screening. Have fun & keep it cool!
  • Bushwick Culture Weekly Picks 7/14/11
    What amazing weather.  And I’m thrilled to report outdoor activities are in abundance.  The plan is to walk or bike only, open all windows, and soak up lots of culture in the sun (music in alleyways, backyard performances, picnics on the roof).  Get out there & have fun! Tonight ...
  • Bushwick's Own Pride Parade Out in Force
    For the sixth year in a row, neighborhood organizers Make the Road NY's all-local pride parade marched down a sunny Knickerbocker Avenue.
  • Bushwick Culture Weekly Picks 7/7/11
    Perhaps it's the intense humidity & the ensuing desire to drink more and wear less, but the ready-to-party vibe is overwhelming.
  • Bushwick Culture Weekly Picks 6/30/11
    Music dominates this week, and in true Bushwick fashion, the variety astounds: quartets, dub step, gypsy spirited, straight up rock, skateboard-inspired, and one double broken-wristed performance (just keep reading).
  • Bushwick Culture Weekly Picks 6/23/11
    Summertime rolls, and Bushwick is rollin’ right along with it. Tons of stuff to choose from this week, from art to music to food and of course, volunteering.
  • Pages From the First Inkjet Printer
    Microscope Gallery's current exhibition brings in some star power with Warhol appeal in the person of Anton Perich, '70s photographer; original underground television artist; and accidental inventor of the inkjet printer. 
  • Bushwick Culture Weekly Picks 6/16/11
    Motivating. It's the best way to describe this delightfully easy going weather. Good thing we've got so many ways to help you let loose all that energy.
  • Hey, Remember the Third Person?
    At the Biko Center this past Friday, the audience was treated to a sampling of Garifuna stories, told by artists from Caribbean countries, including Belize, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic.
  • Bushwick Culture Weekly Picks 6/9/10
    First, a super big congrats to AiB & all of you involved in BOS'11!  What a weekend.  Personally the brain is still processing, so this week let's go laid back: no lists, no schedules, and nothing but leisurely fun. Dance parties are big, as are world culture-themed events, workshops, and rooftop BBQs -- not to mention the Puerto Rican Day ...
  • The Bushwhack Series: Best 3 Out of 10
    This weekend was time again for the fourth annual Bushwhack Series, a collection of ten performance pieces, at the Bushwick Starr as part of Bushwick Open Studios.