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  • J. Pasila's Postmodern Portrait of the Artist's Studio
    On view at Momenta Art during Bushwick Open Studios 2011, J. Pasila‘s project is an exploration of artists’ studio walls as metaphor for digital walls of photography.
  • New Galleries Bring Chelsea Polish to BOS
    An interesting new trend is evident in two galleries that recently opened in the neighborhood, that seem to be bringing a Chelsea-like polish to Bushwick.
  • An Art Snob's Top Ten for BOS 2011
    Bushwick is a lot like Paris. The most interesting stuff happens in people's apartments, on their rooftops, in their backyards, and you have to know someone to get in.
  • What Is Performance? Figure It Out.
    Last August, choreographer and performance artist Jill Sigman poured dirt onto the floor of her studio and erected an elaborate hut comprised of trash found in Bushwick...
  • Major Art Non-Profit Moves to Bushwick
    Boasting a massive 4,000 square feet on Bogart Street, Momenta Art's new space will be a prominent addition to a pedestrianizing area.
  • Sweet Toof's Dark Delicacies
    Always our most colorful gallery, Factory Fresh has laid out a real spread for May by East London's most visible street artist.
  • A Touching Underarm Pitch for Japan
    Most wheatpaste art will eventually deteriorate and fall apart, the paper flaking from surfaces under the weight of age and weather.
  • In the Studio: Brent Owens at English Kills
    Reaching in every possible direction for content is sometimes easier than focusing on one subject.
  • Interior Monologue: Steven Thompson at English Kills
    This surprisingly quiet and effeminate exhibition strikes a chord of interior monologue, introspection, and private rumination.
  • In Light and Darkness: Fortress to Solitude
    Making the most of an uninhabited luxury condo, gallery Fortress to Solitude offered yet another exhibition in its long repertoire, part of Friday's Beat Nite...
  • Bushwick Flicks: 'Nothing to Look At'
    Film makers love to exploit the clichéd "gritty landscape," and Bushwick has this quality in abundance....
  • Rimx Paints People on the Street
    Street art is meant to be seen by everybody and not be exclusive. So why not paint the everyday person? That’s the outlook of Rimx, who paints the portraits of those he meets in the streets...
  • At Regina Rex, Latin Roots Woven Together
    The interwoven roots of text and textile lent the curatorial inspiration for texture.txt, the most recent show at Regina Rex, and the latest on a theme of string.
  • The 'Anti-3rd Ward' Keeps it Classical
    In its first year, the studio has drawn an eclectic group of students from Brooklyn and Manhattan at all levels of training. One unexpected market for classicism has been local tattoo artists...
  • Chelsea Gallery Buys Into Bushwick
    Chelsea gallery Luhring Augustine recently purchased this warehouse at Knickerbocker and Ingraham for two million dollars. Photo by Devvon Simpson for BushwickBK A former 99-cent-store distribution warehouse will soon be home to the storage space of a high-end Chelsea gallery. The owners of Luhring Augustine purchased the 10,200-square-foot warehouse at 25 Knickerbocker Avenue for two million dollars, marking Bushwick ...