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WE ARE: Famous Accountants at NURTUREart

Last week, I took part in my first group therapy session, not in a wood-paneled church basement, but rather at NURTUREart as part of More Joy, a project organized by Famous Accountants.


  • Opening a Portal from New York to Sydney

    If a Sydney artist took a wrong turn while looking for a Newtown gallery and suddenly found herself on Bogart Street, how disoriented would she be?
  • 'I Don't Know if This is Fun'

    “I don’t know if this is fun.” This came as a mumble from one of the stand-up comics performing to a tough crowd on the opening night of the latest exhibition at NURTUREart.
  • A+S Works' On The Farm

    Ruth Reader interviews the talent behind Bushwick-based A+S Works start-up dance company.
  • WE ARE: Cash, Guns, and Feminism

    A 50 caliber M2 lays loaded and ready on the ground next to a thousand-dollar stack of cash. One of the walls of this sparsely lit room is pocked with a dark viscous substance. No, this is not a crime scene.
  • Baby to Bushwick: Interview with Curbs and Stoops
    With multiple shows, studio spaces, a residency program, and work shown both online and off, this gallery stands as a testament to the creativity and ingenuity of the Bushwick art community.
  • WE ARE: at the new NURTUREart
    NURTUREart, the East Williamsburg not-for-profit art gallery, has a busy line-up of summer programming with a variety of shows rotating through the main gallery every week.
  • Pages From the First Inkjet Printer
    Microscope Gallery's current exhibition brings in some star power with Warhol appeal in the person of Anton Perich, '70s photographer; original underground television artist; and accidental inventor of the inkjet printer. 
  • Old Glory - In Detail
    The American flag is a symbol that means different things to different people, often confined to extreme opinions. Many hold it up alongside their gods with blind faith. Others burn it as if it were a bedspread masking the devil. But for all the extremes the US has gone to as a nation itself, it has left a trail of ...
  • Ballet at Tandem: 'Whoever Does It Worst Takes a Shot'
    “You’re late!” A thin muscular man calls out, his chin pointed high in the air with dissatisfaction.
  • Bushwick Open Studios 2011: Video Snapshots
    Bushwick Open Studios gets more complex and overwhelming each year, and videographer Francis Arpaia had a hard time deciding what to visit...
  • Skewville Takes a Boombox to the Streets
    Skewville's art at BOS11 adresses urban blight and a lack of open space through humorous methods.
  • Eric Trosko's Synthesizer and Ducks
    Trosko’s studio is located on a seemingly lonely strip of Troutman Street, dominated by industrial warehouses...
  • The Craft Influence at Bushwick Open Studios
    One of the things I love most about Bushwick is the neighborhood's constant shifts and multiple personalities, so I'm never really sure what to expect. Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised with...well yes, the weather, but more importantly the variety of materials and processes in play at Bushwick Open Studios. Artists often integrate traditional craft mediums like textiles, ceramics, and metal ...
  • Jeremiah Jones' Wonky Animations at BOS
    Jeremiah Jones is a new media artist, but the work he had on view during Bushwick Open Studios had an accessible and wonky tactility uncommon in new media art.