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  • Bushwick Community Board ‘Live’: April ’11

    It’s a beautiful spring day outside — ¬†which means there’s definitely a community board meeting happening.

    It’s a packed meeting with a lot of new faces. There’s an update on the Knickerbocker pedestrian plaza, Bushwick Open Studios, and a…

  • Bushwick Community Board ‘Live’: Mar ’11

    Taxi Commissioner David Yassky talks at CB4 about legalizing street pick-ups for car services in outer boroughs. Photo by Aaron Short for BushwickBK

    6:30 PM The Hope Gardens Community Center is festively decorated with emerald-green streamers and glitter…

  • Bushwick Community Board ‘Live’: Feb ’11


    The “Towns table” at CB4, featuring the assemblyman’s team. Photo by Aaron Short for BushwickBK

    6:50 PM: I’m running towards Hope Gardens a little late after speaking with Assemblyman Darryl Towns, whose new job will…

  • Bushwickers Sound Off on Possible Wal-Mart

    Would a nearby Wal-Mart mean twilight for Knickerbocker Avenues small businesses? Aaron Short reports on locals’ reactions.

  • Bushwick Community Board ‘Live’: Jan. ’11

    This month, CB4 focused on health in Bushwick, including a presentation on “healthy bodegas.” Photo by Aaron Short for BushwickBK

    6:34 PM: It’s Community Board 4′s first meeting of the new year and the theme tonight is health.…

  • Bushwick Community Board ‘Live’: Dec. ’10

    The holiday meal is the highlight of the otherwise uneventful December meeting of Community Board 4. Chair Julie Dent says “wait your turn!” — Photo by Aaron Short

    I am running very late tonight because of two breaking…

  • Bushwick Community Board ‘Live’: Nov. ’10

    Sharply dressed Councilman Erik Dilan updates CB4 on new legislation, parks, and gun permits. — Photo by Aaron Short

    There’s a full week left before Thanksgiving but Bushwick’s Community Board 4 is squeezing in one last fruitful meeting…

  • War on… Loosies? Officials Slam Single Smokes

    NYC and local community board members want a crackdown on the sale of loose and tax-free cigarettes, on the grounds that the city loses revenue and “loosies” make it easier for minors to start smoking. — Photo by

  • Election: Quiet in Bushwick, Rowdy in Ridgewood

    Electronic scanners at the Board of Elections warehouse in Sunset Park wait to be dropped off at polling sites throughout the borough. Bushwick’s election day will be quiet, but Ridgewood has a real race tomorrow. — Photo by

  • Bushwick Community Board ‘Live’: Oct. ’10

    Mayor Bloomberg’s new liaison to CB4, Sam Pierre. — Photo by Aaron Short

    Bushwick’s Community Board 4 meeting is actually starting on time, so let’s get right into it:

    6:30 PM: Hope Gardens is tricked out in enough…