This remix by Telepathe is one of those tracks that shifts midway through into something entirely different from the preceding half. It starts off loud and messy but then dives into a driven ’80s flashback. The early hardware derived second portion is the most effective, by means of smashing throwback drum machine beats, bubbling bass stabs, and washed out vocals. It’s taken from an EP by South Africa’s Spoek Mathambo, who only asks for your email in exchange for it. This isn’t the first time he’s worked with a Bushwick-based artist – the Telepathe duo came up in the McKibbin Street ‘dorms’ – he also recently made music with Cobra Krames.

Telepathe has been laying pretty low since their last album in ’09, but they’ve been working diligently on their follow up release. A couple days ago, an EP called The CYCLE was also released through Carbon Logic, which was made up of tracks curated by them. The four-track vinyl includes a remix of theirs and another cut by fellow Bushwick dwellers Shad[]wB[]x.

Spoek Mathambo — “Dog to Bone (Telepathe RMX)”