Sometimes the word ‘remix’ isn’t always the most accurate description for what an artist does to another’s work, and that’s the case with local producer Aman Ellis‘s new version of Eyelove and Hirshi’s “Magnet feat Bea”. It’s more of an edit than a remix. But that certainly doesn’t trivialize this warm dubstep tune, as his tweaks improve on the collaborative original. He rearranges its progression in a manner that’s easier to follow; fleshes out the percussion with a broader pallet, some bright shuffles and panning work; subdues the pitched up vocals that are way too overused in bass music circles; and adds some serious low end bass warps that ratchet up its power.

Aman also recently uploaded a space disco tune under his Aimes alias to Soundcloud called “A Brooklyn Summmer” which is full of ’80s summer journey nostalgia. And he just dropped a free EP of beat music on ModyWorks Recording.

EYELOVE & Hirshi Ft. Brea – Magnet (Aman Ellis Remix)