Local artist TeV95 has got his grind on high speed these days, and his most recent project is the freshly released EP Stand Clear of the Closing Doors with vocalist Kile Atwater. The free EP features the forward thinking side of 95′s beats and draws from a broad enough palette while remaining cohesive. And Atwater makes good by continuing his theme of perseverance with some aware lyrics. As singer he’s missing range, but as a word musician he makes some sense.

The effort features “It’s All Good”, which dropped as a single only weeks ago, and it’s the highpoint. But “Get Up” is a strong follow up. The beat quickly settles into a striding momentum with its kick-crinkle rhythm, drum rolls, and airy synths. The scattered syncopation and distant dropping percussive effects make for a subtle complexity that doesn’t challenge Atwater’s voice as the focus. He uses that effective spotlight to challenge weathered souls to strive forward with a spare delivery. It’s uplifting while conscious of adversity.

Catch Atwater on Oct. 27th at National Underground in the LES.