You need to buy stuff.  We all do.  And thanks to the boundless creativity & industriousness around here, travelling is completely unnecessary.  This week we welcome Sardine, the newest in vintage treasures & art, along with Knickerbocker Maw, a line of Knickerbocker Ave. inspired limited series objects, and the taking-orders-very-soon Minwee, featuring gorgeous hand&locally made knitwear.  Plus have you seen the newest membership options at 3rd Ward?  Deals are everywhere, as is the usual art, music, booze, and dance party madness.  Now get out there & spend some money!  


The first High Holiday is here and observing locally has never been easier.  Chabad of Bushwick has Rosh Hashanah services both today & tomorrow: morning, evening and a midday Shofar blowing, with holiday meals to follow.  All are welcome, admission is free, and no affiliation is required.  So no excuses.

Little Skips is seriously branching out.  They don’t just serve coffee & pastries – they’re serving up records!  Tonight, specifically, it’s “At the Fort Brooklyn, 2011” by Photon Dynamo and the Shiny Pieces.  Here, give it a listen, and then join Skips Records for their first-ever release party, happening at The Morgan.  Also on the bill: The Nuclears, The Middle Eight, and Advaita.  Doors are at 8pm, tickets are only $5, and there may or may not be a free poster for the first 40 guests.

She’s travelled, she’s toured, and now Britain Ashford is back in The Den.  Head over sometime before 10pm and catch a lovely toned down set filled with friends she’s met along with way.  Nothing is sweeter than coming back home.


Friday night’s alright for arting.  Sorry, I could not resist.  But seriously, there’s a lot of greatness to see tonight, so make a list, map out a route, and squeeze in as much as you possibly can.

The very-Bushwick apartment gallery will be making a splash, with openings from both Norte Maar and Centotto.  SIte-specific is key over at Norte Maar, which will feature recent painted drawings by Patricia Satterlee, a new work of yarn and knots by Ellie Murphy, and a photograph/text installation by Jeri Coppola.  Be sure to check out every room or you’ll miss something big.
And for Centotto, the vibe is nautical: “an ode to seafaring and seafarers and the seascapes through which they journey.”

Next up is a new provisional space, Botanic, which is generously sponsored by next-door neighbor Vinos en Wyckoff (who will be hosting a simultaneous wine tasting).  “Objects of Great Value,” featuring new works from Bushwick artist Paul Nicholson, will be open from 7 to 10pm tonight and on view until October 16th.

There’s also Haywire, an off-kilter, psychedelic, and zany kind of exhibition, taking place at Storefront.

And finally, at The Loom, there’s a big team effort show: Kave Drawing 2.  It’s a “life drawing event that ties together spoken word performance, nude and costumed models, live music, classical compositions and jazz recordings.”  I mean, really, what more do you need?  It’s $15 at the door but it’ll be well worth it, and it includes an open wine bar from 8 to 9pm, so get there on time.

Shark?, a Bushwick post-punk band, are playing Shea Stadium, as are My Teenage Stride, Your Youth, Fort Lean, and Beach Arabs.

Plus it’s 90s Hip-Hop & R&B all night long at Beauty Bar.  Not to mention the super cheap drinks specials.  The Blazin’ begins at 10pm.  


And who would like to see a View of Outer Space from an Aquarium?  Well, here’s your once in a lifetime chance.  Famous Accountants has it for you tonight, along with a spunky art-making (it’s debatable) doggie, and a surprise-filled afterparty at Bodega.  I hear these guys may finally be taking that summer break soon, so better fill up on the uniqueness now.

Green Fitness Studio has quite the cover-free event, one filled with art, music, dancing, and live boxing.  And you thought it was just a gym.  “Hasta la vista Baby!” is set to go from 8pm until “our feet keeps us moving.”

We have a brand new gallery/boutique in town!  It’s Sardine’s grand opening party from 7 to
10pm, showcasing art, accessories, antiques, jewelry, and for tonight, a Cafe Ghia afterparty.

Plus there are some radical animated Super 8 films to see over at Microscope Gallery.  Martha Colburn will be screening some of her best animations, old & new, most of which were created through puppetry, collage, and paint on glass techniques.  Admission is $6 and reservations are recommended.


Goodbye Blue Monday has got it goin’ on tonight.  Out in the backyard is the infamous Tuesday Teacup Open Mic, where the element of surprise keeps things extra exciting.  And indoors, there’s an Alabama invasion happening, starring Edward Appleby and Adam Taylor.  Welcome, Heart of Dixie.


The Bushwick-based band Lushes is putting on a show at Shea Stadium, along with lyes, Buddy Bag, and Yvette.  Doors are at 8pm and there’s a $7 cover.