It’s a very music heavy week ahead.  Also a very rain heavy week, but we need more rain, right?  It is harvest time, after all (it’s a stretch but we’re going for positivity here).  Reggae and dubstup are hittin’ us hard, as is the record release show, and we even have a day dedicated to one of the greatest festivals in the world, Oktoberfest.  So let’s drink lots of beer, hear lots of great music, and as always, have fun.  


They don’t exactly need any more publicity, I know.  But still, this sounds pretty rad: Bitchinville Cinemas is on at Roberta’s.  Head to the garden area around dusk and you can catch back-to-back screenings of Kill Bill 1 and Kill Bill 2.  Uma-god.

Want something a little softer?  Try listening to some soothing poems & prose over at Vaudeville Park’s VP1 Reading Series.

Also Goodbye Blue Monday has a pop & folk kind of show, starring everyBoy, Elisa Lovelie, The Gurbo Lovelie Collective, and Jordan Siwek.


It’s a big final event for NURTUREart on Grand, as they present their latest, Portrait of a Soul. This group show is curated by Jay Pluck and filled with “visual artworks concerned with the transmission of spiritual energy by arranging a handful of works so as to form a ‘portrait’ or description of that transmission.”  Time to dig a little deep, folks.  Before this space moves even closer, I say get in some awesome roof time while you can.

Our friends over at Goodbye Blue Monday know just how we like our reggae: dirty.  Get ready to dance yer ass off at the 12th Dirty Reggae Party.  

Honduras, an awesome band according to Brooklyn Fireproof, is celebrating the release of their new EP.  But don’t take BFP’s word for it: have a listen yourself.  The fun kicks off at 8:30pm.  

And speaking of record releases, we also have Guardian Alien’s over at Shea Stadium, performing along with Sightings, Pygmy Shrews and Travis Laplante.

Plus, for just $6, Lone Wolf has another stellar line-up: Persephone’s Bees, The Above, and Triple Hex, playing in that order.  


The Bushwick Beer Garden, very appropriately, brings us the 4th annual Oktoberfest 2011 celebration, beginning at 2pm and lasting throughout the evening.  It’s free to attend, BYOB and BYOF, if you want, but there promises to be plenty of traditional fare on hand for you to try.  Also on hand: games, trivia, chants, dances, display costumes, film screenings, and lots & lots of steins.

Guess who’s back…….
Bushwick’s own comedy duo B-Cat and C-Town!  They’re back & they’ve got a kickass show filled with lots of hilarious friends, cheap booze, and “surprises you can’t even imagine.”  

Sugar is also back (summer break is over) with an evolving group exhibition, “Lineup.”  Swing by between 6 and 9pm to see what it’s all about.

Who wants to be on public access TV?  Or at least an audience member.  Here’s your shot – just be at The Schoolhouse for the E.S.P. TV Live Taping by 8pm and you’re on.

There’s a previously-rooftop-but-now-underground warehouse party happening off the Grand Street stop.  It’s pretty much free, starting very early evening, and chock full of bands, a DJ Hiccuping Puppy (?) and a giant disco ball.  Lots of potential here.

And dubstep reigns over at The Morgan: “Behind the scenes of the ever-burgeoning underground bass music scene in the UK, there exists a symbiotic relationship between the sub-driven music and the visual art that parallels it.” Tonight, you get to load up on both.  First up is the art, at 8pm, with the opening reception for “Subculture: Visions of Sounds,” and then later, a DJ’d party going from 10pm to 4am.  Price for both: $15 at the door.


Howard Guttenplan is at Microscope Gallery this evening, screening a bunch of his 8mm films from the 70s and 80s.  

And a little later on, Vive Le Vox and Amour Obscour play The Acheron.


Little Skips is serving dinner! They’ve teamed up with Secret Restaurant for a super-duper night of fun: a deliciously healthy vegetarian meal (smokey lentils & root vegetable rice – yum) and a live music show to follow.  Tickets are $25 a piece and include 4 courses (snack, app, entree & dessert), 3 (alcoholic) drinks, and a post-dinner release party for Photon Dynamo and the Shiny Pieces.  

Also Bushwick Burlesque rolls into The Morgan, starring our very own, Fem Appeal.