Everyone on this bill has been covered on our blog at least once, so it’s great to see them all in one place. The twice monthly Quantum Culture dives into the physics of music once again, and this time around they’ve booked KRTS, doing so just in time for the release of his new EP on Project Mooncircle, Hold On.

If you caught the mix he made for us a few weeks back, you’ve heard bits of the title track scattered, blended, and twisted all throughout it. The high impact crunch of the beats, the dreamlike over-emphasized clock ticks and the angelic glitters all shined through. The EP comes with four more original tracks and a remix by Glenn Astro. It’ll available on vinyl as well as digital.

Also on the bill is Teleseen – who’ll bring along his brand of dubbed out tropical pixels – along with Jack Inslee from Full Service and the man putting it all together, one Icky Doome. Roll through Tandem this Tuesday night for a chill environment where dancing is optional, but far from frowned on.