Now that the fear-fest is mostly over in Manhattan, we can at least get back to honest rememberance of those killed on 9/11, if not those killed after.

In the months following the attack on the World Trade Center, the outpouring of sorrow, support, pride and respect took many forms all over New York City. A tradition of mural art – established in the preceding decades by community groups, graffiti crews, commercial artists for hire, and individual painters – took up the memorializing of the event in earnest. The city streets bloomed with celebrations of the city’s spirit. 

Unlike the bronze-and-marble war memorials that have stood for decades in many neighborhoods, these creations were largely unofficial and their survival has depended on the goodwill of the city as a whole. Ten years on, many have disappeared and what survives is generally showing some age, but a number of examples remain in Bushwick and Ridgewood. This gallery includes a few of our favorites, from a model of the North and South Towers in mirrored glass to a Disney crossover and a pizza-maker’s tribute.

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