You probably haven’t been able to miss the red and green posters around town for The You Trilogy, an episodically and electronically released set of audio tales by writer Paul Rome. Uploaded monthly, the concluding piece went online on Monday and the series can now be heard in full. 

Past live performances of Rome’s work have always been a blast, but he only writes for one medium at a time, he says, and doesn’t intend to recreate any of these stories live. Soundcloud is where they belong and where they’ll stay. Playing on the strengths of studio recording, these pieces are groomed and picked over, more film than theatre, the sound mixed to a sheen by collaborator Roarke Menzies. 

The first installment, The Game, appeared in print in issue #2 of the Bushwick Review but the tale of a rogue Monopolist really only springs to life in the recording. The second part, Noah, is a prequel set in Prospect and Inwood Parks that stands alone as well as the first. But the newly released finale, The Wandering Jew Dreams of Mexico, is more dependent on its standalone companions, taking the now well established character of the second-person narrator (an Everywriter stumbling perpendicular to adulthood) and sending him on his final unlikely trajectory. 

This last one has a particular sting in its tail for Bushwick listeners, bringing in the neighborhood art and coffee scenes (Fear and Loathing at Open Studios), the shadow of the Brooklyn Tornado, and a culmination across the fence in the Cemetery Belt. Maybe there’s a reason that the blue poster for Part III hasn’t appeared in our shops and cafes. If Rome keeps it up, this could really affect real estate.