Police arrested a Bushwick teen in connection with a recent wheelchair purse snatching.

18-year-old Cody Santiago was sought by police one day after surveillance footage showed him snatching a purse off the lap of 78-year-old Catalina Mateo who is wheelchair-bound. According to the NYPD’s press office, Santiago lives a mere three blocks away from the scene of the crime at 238 Grove Street.

Paralyzed after suffering a stroke three years ago, Mateo told NY1, “I’m angry, I’m afraid, I’m nervous. I can’t do nothing. I need money. He took my little money.”

Santiago was arrested in January for “Sex Abuse” and in July for “Theft of Service”; police told BushwickBK the latter is either jumping a turnstile or “dine and dash.” He is being charged with Grand Larceny in the purse snatching. According to police the purse contained $15, a benefits card, and prescription medication.

The teen, who graduated from troubled Franklin K. Lane High School in 2010, posted on his Facebook wall that he was “So mad that Im getting more hot” just a day after he mugged the elderly woman on July 20th. As of yesterday, Santiago was active on Facebook posting that he “just had the best 13 hours of sleep” — with a friend replying that he should “get a job.”