Vintage clothing stores are popping up in the neighborhood – Nouveau Vieux and Tomahawk Salon and Boutique at The Loom, and NVU – but Jenny Musitano’s Yours Truly Brand retail store brings some Bloomingdale’s to Bushwick with new brands that are decidedly girly.

Musitano’s store on Broadway – “Bushwick’s first and only girls’ boutique for girls looking to sweeten their wardrobes” – has existed since 2008, but it was open by appointment only. “I was waiting for the neighborhood to get better. Before, I didn’t consider the store to be an official store,” she said.

Now, Musitano has given the store a facelift with pink walls and ceilings, chandelier lights, a new floor and new shelving, and femme fatale artwork – and she’s open regular hours Wednesday through Sunday to cater for those needing an outfit in a hurry. “If someone needs to grab something, we’re here,” she said.

As well as the Yours Truly Brand clothing line which she designs – mostly casual daytime stuff like colorful tees, including ones that say “Bushwick” for the ‘hood-proud – Musitano now stocks a selection of hard-to-find outside brands, which she sources at trade shows, including Vintage Havana, Blq Mkt, Dylan & Rose, Workshop, and Kat Von D’s line.

Items include oversized slouchy tees, the type popular among LA celebs; feathery black cocktail dresses and see-through mesh leggings; flowery print tank dresses; miniskirts and shorts; and olive-green bandage dresses. “It’s definitely like street wear slash evening wear slash party wear. I can’t say that I’m just one thing right now,” Musitano said.

Musitano plans to add more brands and accessories over the coming months, and she may “do vintage” down the track. “There’s still a lot more I want to do. I know a lot of designers I want to bring in. I want to get a lot more merchandise, and I’m definitely looking for local designers.”

Everything in the store is priced at less than $80, and Yours Truly Brand items are generally cheaper than on the Internet (tees are $30). “I want to cater to newer and older residents. I definitely try to find clothes that are reasonably priced,” she said.

Musitano has been throwing parties featuring special guest DJs in the space at the back of the store for about as long as she’s had her brand. She says her RSVP-only First Saturday events, on the first Saturday of each month, provide networking opportunities for girls with talents in hair, makeup, or whatever it may be. (The “Bitch I Bought a Pool” party happened on July 2.)

Gazing out onto Broadway – Second Stroke Mopeds is across the road – Musitano says she wants to see more creative businesses sprout up around the neighborhood. “There are so many open spaces, and I’m sure the rent’s reasonable… People should just do stuff and feed off of each other.”