Bushwick gets another taste of juke history and future tonight, courtesy of Azizaman and the Youth Group Gallery. This time, DJ Gant-Man will fill us in on how the box is properly banged.

Gant has been involved with juke in Chicago since it was still called ghetto house, the local style it evolved from. In fact, he was one of the DJs who helped popularize the term in the late ’90s, along with DJ Poncho. He’s also had a number of releases on the seminal Dance Mania label. But Gant has always been one to blend styles, bringing the fast beats, vocal clips, and general hypeness to people outside of the scene. Whether it be his official juke remix of Beyonce’s “Check On It,” or the Puerto Rican Day Parade influenced “Boricua Juke,” he’s happy to get his hybrid on.

The below track, “Juke Dat Girl”, also steps a bit out of solid juke territory by way of tempo. The 2009 track rides at 150 beats-per-minute, whereas juke and footwork usually stick to 160 or even 170. It was released on New York’s Fools Gold Records, but it first dropped on Bang Tha Box Recordingz in ’05 on their Juke City compilation.

Azizaman and Venus X from Ghe20 G0th1k will also be spinning. They’re renting subs for some big sounds and plan to go louder than last time, since this is a weekend party. If you were there before, you know that was already at 11, so be prepared!

Gant-Man – “Juke Dat Girl”