The Bushwick Classifieds are good, but just too sparse to populate this roundup with all the great stuff we’re used to seeing. So this week, we have two from the Classifieds, and three from Craigslist. Something for everyone, $999 to $6000!

$999 — studio: Stupid cheap, and it’s probably not legal, but neither is it a death trap and all utilities are included. Looks well-renovated and if it has two egresses, nobody’s going to evict you. Ask about flooding, though. Trust me. Great neighborhood, too, close to all trains and more.
Jefferson St. and Central | Myrtle JMZ/Morgan L

$1499 — 2.5br: Very nice basic renovation of what was probably a dilapidaed and/or foreclosed home. Two bedrooms plus an office space, this is quite nice and perfect for people who work at home. I don’t know if I’d describe the location as "prime" but it’s in Bushwick; you’e never far from anything.
Covert and Bushwick | Halsey J

$1200 — 1br: Really nice renovated one-bedroom in a convenient area near shopping and trains. Wood floors, great slick but not tacky new kitchen, good light.
Hart and Broadway | Myrtle JMZ

$1300 — 2br rr: Good price for this area, a very nice spot with tree-lined streets right near the train. Photos are tiny but you can tell it’s a nice place with good space and decent light for a railroad.
St. Nicholas and DeKalb | DeKalb L

$6000 — loft: Great opportunity here to build out a space fresh for yourself. I’m guessing this is a commercial lease and will carry all of the risks and rewards of such a situation. Do your due diligence and make sure everything is done right. Location is not very exciting but it’s right on the train and the building is pretty cool, from the street view.
Cooper and Broadway | Chauncey J