Not much great new stuff on the Classifieds this week, but here are three that look pretty good.

$1450 — 2br: Fabulous place in a great, leafy location near enough to Bushwick’s Jeffersony hotness to get home fine drunk, far enough not to hear any of it. Gorgeous original woodwork throughout, original parquet floors, good light, admittedly boring but clean-looking kitchen. Though I like the place, I’m not sure if it’s worth paying a fee — it’s still Bushwick. See if you an negotiate that, or the rent, down, as this isn’t exactly a steal.
St. Nicholas and Willoughby | Central M/Myrtle JMZ

$1750 — 3br/2ba: Sadly, no photos, but the description and amenities are at least worth a call to the agent to check it out yourself. Two full bathrooms, it’s not a railroad, it’s the top floor and it’s floor-through, and the location is pretty good. Close to the train, caf├ęs, and more. And no fee!
Suydam and Myrtle | Central M/Myrtle JMZ

$1450 — 2br: Decent price, okay area, probably a lot of space in this two-bedroom — at least for the price there should be. It’s nothing spectacular inside but it seems clean and well-kept.
Greene and Bushwick | Kosciuszko J