Photo by Patrick Jelin

French electronic artist Richard Pinhas will be playing a low-key show at the ever elusive Schoolhouse on Saturday. The solo artist and former Heldon man combines guitar with a myriad of distorted, tweaked effects, flirting with post-industrial sounds and ambient noise. Think of frayed copper wires an loose electrical currents. For fans of ’70s electronica beyond the requisite Krautrock, this will be a must-see show.

Saturday’s show will be the final of Pinhas‘s brief US tour in support of his new album, Richard Pinhas and Merzbow, Paris 2008, out now in very limited release on Cuneiform Records. The album is a live recording of Pinhas’ peformance with Japanese musician Merzbow of their first collaboration, Keio Line.

The Schoolhouse is located at 330 Ellery Street. Nearest trains: J/M to Flushing Ave.