Hi Team! BOS weekend is here!! This year (the fifth anniversary of the event — can you believe it?) promises even more overwhelming amounts of art & culture to take in, not to mention sights to see, people to meet and fun to be had all over town. Go out there and get to it. Our love/hate relationship continues with the L train – it’s not running (like, at all) this weekend. Bushwickers have yet another reason to feel lucky that we live here, but let all of your commuting friends know that J, G & M trains are running all weekend and L-shuttle buses and the B60 stops at various points near the L line (Montrose and Morgan and close to the Jefferson, DeKalb, Myrtle-Wyckoff, Halsey and Wilson stops). Consult AiB’s main page for great alternative transport.

I’ve put together a very teensy list of my personal must-sees this weekend. Take a look and then grab a program at one of the event’s many hubs or sponsors and have at it!


Kick off the weekend in traditional fashion at Norte Maar’s Maps and Mimosas event Saturday morning and spend some time with their (big) group show So Happy Together featuring 45 artists and their 100 collaborative drawings. 

Fort Useless presents group show Double Take curated by the wonderful Lacey Fekishazy (and featuring, among others, the talented Gabriel Hurier). Go for the art opening Friday night and stay for the weekend’s events including comedy, live music, dance performances and a songwriters’ salon.

English Kills presents Mother Ship: English Kills crew (love) plus special guests explore themes of motherhood and extra-terrestrials.

Ali Ha and Jason Andrew collaborate on Factory Fresh’s Bushwick Art Park Project AND Surrealism show both in the gallery and on Vandervoort Place. Amazing.

Individual Artists’ Studios + Group Shows

Aaron Kreiswirth opens his Jefferson Street studio showing a recent urban landscape photo series from Russia and Eastern Europe. Stunning.

A couple of shows/studios to hit up at 49 Wyckoff (Cheap Storage, yes). Myles Bennett and Nathan dillworth present: In Time Out - a great 2-person show (and a phat pad as well, incidentally). Ben Godward, Harry Gold, Evan Green, Paul Saint Savage present new works.

Brent Owens, Jenn Brehm, Sarah Bednarek, Patrick McElligott present A selection of different approaches to painting and sculpture in their big studio on Troutman.


The Bushwick Starr presents its annual Bushwhack Series showcasing local talent and this year featuring Desert Sin, Regina Rocke + Niall Jones, Sherrine Azab + A Host of People, Flako Jimenez, Paul Rome (yay!) and New York Neo-Futurists. ‘Twill be good. Promise. Tonight through Sunday at 8pm, tickets $12.


Goodbye Blue Monday (and this year Lone Wolf!) hold it down for another year with the BOS 2011 Music Festival. It’s big, it’s crazy and it’s all weekend. 

Be a star. Cut a Hit Record with Pass Kontrol is back and if you want to be a commercially viable art pop star, you better get over to Gates Ave to the Famous Accountants Hit Factory to record your jam and hurry up at get famous already. Take a moment to choose your own adventure with three different hit song possibilitiesIt’s so fun (even if you have social anxiety and you just want to observe). 


Bushwick’s own Scot Bowman will be DJing the Open Studios opening party at Bodega Friday night and be sure to check out artwork by Phoebe Waterson, Danielle Warren and Matthew Lundquist.

Ok, kids, there you have it. as promised, it’s a very small suggestion list and I can’t wait to hear about everything you see and hear over the weekend! I leave you with a little plug: Please stop by and see us over at Café Ghia at 24 Irving Ave during your travels. We’ll be open daily for brunch from 10-4:30, sandwiches 4:30-5, dinner from 5-11 and drinks til you leave us! (We’ll even have some special BOS weekend signature cocktails :). I’ve missed you, BushwickBK — have a great BOS 2011!