Something for everyone this week, from a gorgeous new two-bedroom to a classic old one-bedroom, and some stuff in between. $1100-1700.

$1700 — 2br: Big, cheerfully bright, well-renovated but not ostentatiously appointed, this apartment is a good price and the damn thing has a balcony. It’s on an attractive block close to the train and plenty of food and drink. Just a totally lovely place. Jump on this.
Hart and Broadway | Myrtle JMZ

$1100 — 1br: A great classic apartment — we aren’t told exactly where this is but it’s near the LM hub. Fabulous original parquet wood floors and moldings, spacious feel, and though the kitchen is a little dinky and crappy, it could be spruced up with a table and some fresh paint. I like it.
Myrtle-Wyckoff LM

$1201 — 1br: This is a good building with decent apartments with exposed brick, good light, very close to the LM hub, food, and necessities shopping. It looks like this one just got some new appliances, though too bad it overlooks the Nightmare on Grove Street.
Linden and Myrtle | Myrtle-Wyckoff LM

$1350 — 1br: Kind of expensive for the area, but this apartment looks extremely nicely renovated and has large windows and lots of light. Maybe it’s worth a look.
Eldert and Bushwick | Wilson or Halsey L/Halsey J