Happy 4/20, the calendar’s most chuckleworthy date for many reasons we won’t go into here. Spring is a great time to search for apartments — snowy moving sucks. Check out more listings on the Bushwick Classifieds and make sure to tell the agents where you saw the listings!

$1100 — 1br: What a pretty little apartment. Original wood moldings and parquet floors, nice newish kitchen and bath, good light, excellent location near everything on a street of well-maintained homes. The exact cross-street isn’t listed but it’s in a good spot between DeKalb and Jefferson L stops.
St. Nicholas Avenue (around Suydam?) | Jefferson L

$1900 — 2br: This does seem quite expensive, but if it’s as large and nice as it seems from the single interior photo, it may be worth it. It’s a pretty convenient location to trains, bars, and food, and has a really beauitful private back yard. Worth a look if it’s in your price range. The listed streets don’t intersect but I think I know the house and and guessing based on the photo.
George and Central | Morgan L

$1600 — "loft": Strange to see an old woodframe house called a "loft," but maybe they took down all the walls — no bedrooms are listed. We don’t know the cross street, but it is probably somewhere between Bushwick and Knickerbocker Avenues, near Irving Square Park. The pictures are tiny but we can make out plenty of nice old wood details, wood floors, a bay front, and tall windows. At 1500sqft, it’s a lot of space, probably great for a family or someone with a lot of stuff. Free wifi and cable.
Jefferson Avenue (around Central?) | Halsey L or Halsey J

$1450 — 1br/$1700 — 2br: A bit higher up the price scale are these apartments, with balconies and laundry and everything else slick and brand-new and maybe a bit bland. Nothing your good taste couldn’t perk up. Good views and excellent light, right near all the new stuff opening on Broadway, including what is billed as an organic food store opening in the building, though there are several others already around.
Dodworth and Broadway | Kosciuszko J