The roundup is back! This week, go easy on me, I found four good ones in our own Bushwick Classifieds, from a $1100 railroad to a $2100 three-bedroom place that’s as big as a house.

$1100 — 2br rr: Good location on a leafy street near the train hub and all kinds of food. A classic railroad with wood floors (don’t slip on these), and lovely original woodwork on the walls. And I suppose it is below market at least by $100 or so, as the ad claims.
Menahan and St. Nicholas | Myrtle-Wyckoff or DeKalb L

$1250 — 2br rr: A very nice, basic railroad, clean and white with some original woodwork and in a great location.
Onderdonk and DeKalb? | DeKalb L

$1650 — 2br: This is a new building on a stretch of road that’s seen a bit of new construction. The price seems a bit high for a two-bedroom but it is very nice — bright, clean, tasteful, it has wood floors, a balcony, washer/dryer hookup, and backyard access. A short walk to the train and plenty of good spots for drinks and coffee.
Evergreen and Stockholm | Kosciuszko J

$2100 — 3br: This is much nicer and more spacious than the typical new construction in Bushwick — pitched ceilings and large windows, wood floors, house-like proportions. It is a bit expensive and the corner is not the most aesthetically pleasing, but then you’re not here for the architecture. It’s close to some very good tacos and other food, groceries, and trains.
Palmetto and Irving | Myrtle-Wyckoff L