This week brings us a wide range of activities to choose from, which is quite appropriate seeing as we are apparently the next big thing.  There’s an interactive play about gratuitous sex & violence, some feral chamber music performed inside a sculpture installation, and a walking art tour from a Bushwick legend.


The Bushwick Book Club branches out tonight with their first ever photography (book) themed event.  Swing by Goodbye Blue Monday around 8pm for some songs, food, and drink, all inspired by Robert Frank’s "The Americans."

Or catch a performance of Caligula Maximus: "The show is saturated with sex and completely uncalled for violence yet at the same time feels like an ancient Roman discotheque.  Wear shoes you can dance in, feel free to wear a costume or come naked. It’s that kind of a party."  Fun times at House of Yes?  I’d say so.


There’s a ton of art to see tonight, and lucky for us, a tour guide to go along with it.  Meet at Storefront by 7pm and follow along as Austin Thomas explores The Boys of Bushwick at Norte Maar, and the final night of Ruminations Anthropocentric at Centotto.  You couldn’t ask for a more charming guru.  Do not miss out!

Also, two more openings to note:

Gradually Melt The Sky, which employs "augmented reality" to overlay, intervene and challenge the physical world, is at Devotion Gallery. It includes overlays in Bushwick.

And NUTUREart offers Soft Power, a group exhibition curated by Amanda B. Friedman and Elizabeth Hirschat.

Shea Stadium hosts the conceptual all night dance party Mutual Dreaming.

Harcore Gig Vol 151 is at The Acheron.

And the amazing Jubilee is at Full Service.  Something for everyone for sure.


Brooklyn’s 1st annual Brain-Cave Festival hits Shea Stadium at 2pm this afternoon, and promises 17 radical bands, 4 amazing DJs, and 12 hours of artistic stimuli.

Vaudeville Park has an interesting night planned: feral chamber music inside a sculpture garden installation.

It’s the 3rd annual (unofficial) Anarchist Book Fair AfterParty at Surreal Estate.  Time to celebrate anarchism & absorb some eclectic radical music and art — all for just $10.


It’s Moviehouse time again at 3rd Ward.  Go be witness to a unique experiment starring original soundtracks, original films, and more original soundtracks.  And if you arrive by 7pm you can taste a sneak preview of what Small Batch Brooklyn has in store….Yum.

Cafe Orwell is host to The 22 Magazine release party and show, featuring performances, music, reading and film work.


There’s a free reading at The Bushwick Starr of Ingmar Bergman’s Persona, adapted and directed by Craig Baldwin.


It’s Burt Reynolds movie month at Bodega!  It’s all about "early Burt" this week — The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing begins at 8pm, and the classic Deliverance follows at 10pm.


Bushwick Chess is on at Little Skips.  Masters Pepe and Nikita will be sharing game tips and strategies from 6 to 8pm.