Jess on the decks. Photo by Subcomandante Quito.

Jubilee is definitely a colorful blast of energy – her bass is loud, her beats are hard, and she always brings some heat. You can catch her as the headliner for this Friday’s Full Service party at Tandem. You might hear bassline garage, or possibly 3ball, and maybe even Miami bass if she feels like it. Her eclectic tastes are limited only to what gets a crowd moving, and that generally entails bass. Lots of bass.

Jess, as she is known by many, is more than just a deejay though. She also runs the Nightshifters label, which veers toward the more wobbly side of bass; hosts a radio show on Brooklyn Radio called Fireworks (appropriately); was a blogger for Trash Menagerie, one of the country’s biggest music blogs at the time she wrote for them; and makes her own music as well, both on the solo tip and as one half of Bassannovva.

The below song is a remix of a track by Bushwick vocalist Zuzuka that dropped last year.

Zuzuka Poderosa “Entre e Sai (Bassanovva Alien Disco Mix)” (download)