Miami trio Capsule are toeing a line between post-hardcore and math rock, and the effects are dizzying. Their frantic, spastic guitar leads are in constant competition with equally rapid, disorienting basslines. The sheer speed when juxtaposed with the idiosyncratic drumming could give you motion sickness. Add to that the vocals, not so much shouted as chanted in a big chorus, creating an anthemic aura; you could easily imagine the crowd chanting along with them. It’s surprisingly inclusive given that the nuances in their playing are more likely to leave the audience awe-inspired.

Capsule are playing two greater-Bushwick shows in the next week.  First up is at the Acheron on Friday with Divorce Money and Close-Mouthed. They are also playing Sunday at Silent Barn. The line-up also includes Reality War, Passive Aggressor, Tom Blacklung and the Smokestacks, and the Marsh Hens.  Tickets are $6.