A Bushwick woman was arrested by the ASPCA for the death of a hamster and may face prison.

Monique Theresa Smith was charged with felony aggravated animal cruelty after allegedly killing a four-ounce hamster in June. Smith, who lives with 9 other siblings and her mother in a Putnam Avenue apartment became irate after her older brother bought three hamsters for a younger sibling.

According to Smith’s mother, the 19-year old removed the largest hamster from the cage and slammed it against the floor. Smith’s mother told the NY Times the animal “died on impact”.

A necropsy was performed on the hamster and it was determined the animal died of blunt force trauma and liver damage.

Along with the animal cruelty, Smith was also charged with misdemeanor torturing animals and endangering the welfare of a child. If convicted she faces two years in prison.

Update: The Times reports that the charges have been dropped against Smith. Family members recanted their accounts of the hamster’s death.