Martyn. — Image from Resident Advisor.

Martyn gained international attention when his Great Lengths LP dropped last year. The album was a unique take on dubstep; with its warm, charismatic sounds layered over a fusion of the genre with techno and house. There were a number of notable names working in a similar area when the DC-based Dutchman’s album was released, such as Scuba and 2562.

In recent days, however, those artists frequently shed all remnants of their dubstep proclivities for a full immersion into the steady throb of techno and house. Martyn is no exception, as illustrated by his most recent single, “Left Handed,” released on his label 3024. The song’s piano stabs, tempo, and deep blue effects place it firmly in the realm of house. Yet a different kind of shuffle shines through in the beat and the drum palette is reminiscent of Lengths, elements that allow the track to stand out among the expansive seas of tech-house.

Overall, his sound has also incorporated more acoustic elements, added a touch of the funk, and explores a broader range of moods. All of these facts make it no surprise that the boys from Mister Saturday Night beckoned him to play their New Years Eve party last weekend.

Martyn – “Left Handed”