Dangerous Ponies

Dangerous Ponies and the Armchairs made up the Philadelphia contingent of the NY vs. Philly show at Silent Barn Friday night, and they would have been grossly out numbered at two bands to four if Dangerous Ponies didn’t have seven members.

If Dangerous Ponies sound twee, they kind of are. They wear color-coordinated costumes and make-up, and three of them play guitar, five of them sing, and sometimes two of them just do choreographed dance numbers while shaking tambourines. And if you get that many people crammed into the Silent Barn kitchen, jumping around playing happy pop music, it’s going to be impossible to even pretend something exciting isn’t happening. It’s not often you see band members who literally waltz into the crowd, and get the audience waltzing as well.

The Armchairs are also about theatrics, though in a bit less interactive way. Their costumes are more elaborate, and there isn’t any choreography, but there are wigs (question for Philly-based readers: Is it necessary to have special stage attire to form a band in your city? We can get behind this.). The Armchairs have a lot of the surfy vibes that are popular now, but underscore them with a more classic rock feel in the keys and their singer’s rather impressive yowling vocal. And just like the Ponies, they get the crowd dancing; maybe not waltzing, but definitely dancing.