Willy Whompa provides the synesthesia. Photo via Nick Bliss.

Bushwick got a taste of West Coast glitch hop on Saturday when Willy Whompa performed at Adventures in Crazytown. The warehouse was frigid and the fire pit in the courtyard smelly, but the dancefloor stayed warm with body heat so nobody seemed to mind.

As his name might suggest, the majority of Whompa’s output veers towards a cartoonish, mega-villainy steez, all lavishly colored in with bright candy tones. It’s a neon feast of Thanksgiving day parade float-sized hip hop beats bursting at the seams with an over stuffing of midrange bass. But the track highlighted below (where Whompa is one-half of the Bangarang outfit alongside DJ Goodie) is a bit more reserved, reaching for emotional effectiveness rather than sensory overload. The beat is still there, just blended more equally in the mix, and growls of bass splatters still seep through. But the majority of track focuses on some soft, spacey blips and warm synth melodies.

Ben Samples — “Blakka (Bangarang! RMX)”