Andrew Ohanesian’s installation of a jetway at Famous Accountants. (Jeremy Sapienza/BushwickBK)

Major art publications have recently taken an interest in our tiny art community. The artist-run Regina Rex, which only had its first show in June, was listed in ArtForum‘s Critic’s Picks in the October 2010 issue. Regina Rex, with only a handful of shows under its belt, is the youngest exhibition space on the Bushwick frontier; the second-youngest is Famous Accountants.

But FA wasn’t overlooked: though a few months late, Tunneling, a group show curated by local artist Will Pappenheimer, received an extensive review in Art in America‘s November 2010 issue very near to the gallery’s one-year anniversary.  Before this, the Bushwick scene was covered by only a few local blogs and the Brooklyn Rail; now the press has expanded to national and even international interest.

Everyone was shocked when the New York Times published a feature-length article on Troutman Street’s Privateer Gallery in March of 2009; other Bushwick galleries were interviewed, including Ad Hoc and Factory Fresh, but the art itself was not reviewed. Similarly, the Washington Post published a piece listing many spaces in Bushwick, but did so alongside restaurants and other cultural attractions, not reviewing the exhibitions.

Before this, coverage consisted simply of gallery names and phone numbers being rattled off by art critic Jerry Saltz in New York Magazine. The Times feature described Ellie Murphy’s solo exhibition in art-star detail, and foregrounded the only (at the time) white-box-style gallery in Bushwick. Privateer, like Regina Rex, was then also the youngest on the scene.

Now that our alternative exhibition spaces have captured the attention of major art and mainstream publications, what does this indicate about the international art world?  And crucially, what does this mean for Bushwick?  In the wake of Arts in Bushwick’s BETA Spaces, and innumerable openings around the neighborhood, it will be interesting to see who is in attendance, and what kind of press shakes out of this weekend.

We’re recommending some must-sees for this weekend (it’s interesting to note they are all just over the Queens border).

Art Editor’s Picks for November 13-14, 2010:
#The Social Graph, curated by Hrag Vartanian, Outpost, 1665 Norman Street
Andrew Ohanesian, Famous Accountants, 1673 Gates Avenue
Megan Pflug: Go Outside, Regina Rex, 1717 Troutman Street