The Roundup is on hiatus for a few weeks. Check back in December!

Some great two-bedrooms this week, all over the neighborhood, from $1195 to $1250. There are also tons of other listings on the Bushwick Classifieds, so don’t forget to check those out.

$1250 — 2br rr: I don’t know if the Castle Braid apartment complex is "world famous," but — no scratch that, it is manifestly not famous anywhere. Anyway, this great apartment is on the same block, and the landlord wants you to care. What it’s REALLY near that is of consequence is adorable coffee shop Little Skips and the coming-soon Central CafĂ©. Inside are wood floors, lots of windows, good kitchen and bath, and some original moldings and such. Not luxurious, but a great price in a very good location. There’s a photo of a wonderful yard but it’s not mentioned in the text…
PETS OK | Troutman and Central | Myrtle JMZ/Morgan L

$1250 — 2br: Terrible photos, but it doesn’t matter — this location is great, near tons of food and booze in Bushwick including the lovely Bodega wine bar, where industrial grit meets treelined charm. This is half the price of most lofts in the area, and for good reason — it’s in the basement. But it’s still got windows, and high ceilings, and wood floors and all the other stuff you look for in a loft apartment.
Jefferson St. and Scott | Jefferson L

$1200 — 2br: Almost certainly a railroad based on what I know of the buildings at this spot. Still a great price in a nice area close to shopping and all transportation including the new Ridgewood Bus Terminal. Inside, it’s your typical renovation, clean and eventhing in order. Nice.
Palmetto and Cypress | Myrtle-Wyckoff LM

$1249 — 2br: The location leaves a lot to be desired, and so I question this price for an otherwise just-fine apartment — even consider that it’s aroun the corner from the L train, I’d still make a lower offer.
PETS OK | Central and Moffat | Wilson L

$1195 — 2br: This sucks because I don’t know where this is — landlords, please put the location. Fortunately, this appears to be a very nice apartment with an excellent price, so it may be worth contacting the landlord, who I assume lives on-site based on the ad’s wording. White and crisp and clean, and electricity is included.