This week, it’s three-bedrooms and one four, in a range of prices and qualities, from a humble railroad to a luxurious penthouse that you can still make work on a budget if you have roommates. $1300 to $3200 — yes, all in Bushwick.

$1750 — 3br: This place is renovated and nice, but not overdone — new kitchen and bath, but the original configuration hasn’t been obliterated. Wood floors, closet space, and three full bedrooms. The location isn’t beautiful but it is convenient, close to Knickerbocker Avenue necessities and food of all kinds including one of the hood’s greatest taco counters.
Grove and Myrtle | Myrtle-Wyckoff LM or Knickerbocker M

$1300 — 3br: I am guessing this is a railroad, for this price, though it’s in pretty good shape. It’s got a newish and very large separate kitchen and what seems like windows on three sides. The location is a downside convenience-wise but I think that’s already reflected in the price — this is a good choice.
PETS OK | Madison and Evergreen | Gates JZ

$1500 — 3br: Unusual two-bathroom apartment, wood floors, good windows, some original woodwork, decent new kitchen and bath. Location is physically attractive but otherwise unexciting, but you’re only a block from the train.
Bushwick and Grove | Gates JZ

$3200 — 4br: I admit this is kind of insane, but stay with me. It’s a full four bedrooms — $800 each — and it’s high up with great views and massive roof terrace, and a washer/dryer in the unit, which is worth probably a couple hundred bucks a month in savings. And it has an elevator. The area is convenient with bars and caf├ęs and plenty of fried chicken, and right by the train. Get your three best friends and hop on it.
Willoughby and Broadway | Myrtle JMZ

$2700 — 3br: More or less the same deal as above, but less economical and farther from the train (though just as close to amenities). Brand new building with rather luxurious fixtures and terraces out the wazoo.
PETS OK | Willoughby and Central | Central M or Myrtle JMZ