Some two bedrooms and up for you this week between $1200 and $1295 — some really lovely, spacious things available if you’re willing to compromise on location a bit. You can also keep an eye on the Bushwick Classifieds, with many other postings.

$1200 — 2br: This is not in a "hot" part of Bushwick but that’s just fine if you love full-square-block parks, mature trees, street after street of lovely intact brick homes, and for good measure, soul food. And it doesn’t hurt that this 1000sqft bay-front apartment, while newly renovated, maintains much of its original character and woodwork and — really, the damn thing has a clawfoot tub and new tile that looks vintage. Whoever did this work, bravo. Can you tip off the other landlords in the neighborhood on how to properly fix a place up?
PETS OK | Weirfield and Wilson | Halsey L

$1275 — 3br rr: It’s a railroad but only one room is a walk-through, so it’s still fine for roommates and is the price of most smaller apartments. Yes, it has carpet — gross — but it’s not awful, and there are tons of windows, a new kitchen, and the bedrooms have closets. The location is meh, but close enough to the train.
PETS OK | Madison and Evergreen | Gates JZ

$1275 — 2br: Lots of pretty original woodwork in this place, too, and it seems quite spacious — Bushwick’s apartment houses, built for a more middle-class tenancy than its railroads, tend to be a good size. The location is not much but if you want to be close to the community board meetings, this is the spot. The interior can be painted but… I don’t know, it’s kinda cool.
Linden and Central | Gates JZ

$1250 — 2br: Another apartment house here, also with original woodwork, wood floors, a lackluster but new kitchen, and good light on a high floor. Within a block of the place just above.
PETS OK | Linden and Evergreen | Gates JZ

$1295 — 2br rr: I consider this a bit expensive for the area, though I think the apartment is nice enough and seems large. And it’s not a bad area, it’s decent and close to plenty of stuff, it’s just not prime enough — $50 off ought to do it.
PETS OK | Harman and Irving | DeKalb L/Knickerbocker M