Puzzle. — Photo from the artist’s MySpace page.

This track is like the aural equivalent of sitting directly in front of a strobe light. Jackhammer Atari bleeps stitched onto low frequency basslines blast your brain. G-funk synths transmitted across oceans through faulty deep sea cables whine loudly, squealing out tortured, barely understandable melodies. Banging the measures out are kick drums spliced with technical cymbal work and bubbly snappers. And yes, it’s a great time (maybe not for all).

This methodical madness is the brainchild of a musician named Puzzle who calls Berlin his home. At the end of a Stateside tour, he made a stop at the aforementioned Full Service party to infect our part of town with his 8-bit viruses. The track is soon to be released on the Generation Bass record label.

GB, it’s worth noting, is a spinoff from the blog of the same name, which kindly features this writer’s work from time to time. They specialize in all around global bass madness; ranging from cumbia to crushing brostep and everything in between.

Puzzle — “Impala”