Cheap cheap this week — starting at $825 for your very own apartment. Of course, in this price range there are some iffy parts, like sometimes location is either not so hot or not listed. But if you’e really looking to save money, they’re worth a look.

$1050 — 1br: Extremely decent apartment with nice original parquet floors and other details, good light, and well-done basic kitchen, third floor. The location is not very good — Bushwick Avenue is about to become a highway at that point and there is nothing but fried chicken for blocks. However, the L train is on your corner and the J is just a couple-minute walk, so to recap, it’s a crappy place to hang out but a great home base. Plus you share the block with a convent.
CATS OK | Aberdeen and Bushwick | Aberdeen L/Chauncey JZ

$950 — studio: It looks like the living/sleeping area is a separate room from the kitchen, but it’s not clear — still a good price in a pretty good location near the train and coffee. Cool 80s chandelier and good light.
PETS OK | Central and Stanhope | Central M/Kosciuszko J

$975 — 1br: This is a good place despite only having a "kitchen-net." Exposed brick, wood floors, closet space, decent renovation, and right near green Irving Square Park. Also just two blocks from the train and a cafĂ© rumored to be opening a block up.
CATS OK | Knickerbocker and Halsey | Halsey L

$999 — 1br: It’s technically the Bed-Stuy side of Broadway, but you’ll have a Bushwick life. Nice looking studio with wood floors, French doors, and roof access. Close to convenient and cool stuff on Broadway and right at the train.
PETS OK | Lafayette and Broadway | Kosciuszko J

$825 — studio/$850 — 1br: I have a feeling these are from the same landlord, and though there is no location listed, or much information at all, the prices make it worth listing here. I’d at least check it out in person, and the photos look decent, plus utilities are included. My guess is it’s at the far southern end of the neighborhood.