This week, why not check out the rooms available in the neighborhood, because not everyone wants their own apartment. The price range of $500 to $700ish seems to be a sweet spot — under 500, it gets a bit scary, over 700 seems a bit much. We were careful to omit rooms being rented by landlords, because you don’t want a revolving-door SRO, you want to be part of a home.

$708: For those who care about the languages spoken by their roommates, check this one out: two academic types seek a third in a very nicely appointed loft at McKibbin with views of the neighboring church yard, shaded by a tree, etc., and the room is an acceptable 7×13. Close to all the Montrose-Morgan amenities, and — could Potion be reopening?
DOGS OK | McKibbin and White | Morgan or Montrose L

$700: Description is important when attrcting roommates — this person gets it. It’s a railroad bedroom, but there is no walking through because your roommate will enter the apartment through the outside hallway, and you are inside. Wood floors, brick walls, back yard, hard to see much in the photos but it seems like a decent place in a pretty good location near good food, and the tenant, a female fashion designer in her 30s, seems to like the landlord — a good sign.
CATS OK | Irving and Bleecker | Knickerbocker M/DeKalb L

$650: This is a loft setup in Ridgewood near tons of great food and conveniences, but it seems they are still building it out — make sure your space is a sure thing before you show them the money. Otherwise, it’s a 6-person place with a private rooftop, and the room is 11×11 with a lofted bed area and a window. Utilities included!
Senea and Cornelia | Myrtle-Wyckoff LM

$700: For college types: This seems amazing — a huge bedroom (11×18) with wood floors and a bay window with original woodwork, private back yard, good location close to all, shared with a curator who went to school at RISD and Yale.
Jefferson St. and Central | Morgan L/Myrtle JMZ

$566: This is actually two rooms, according to the ad, and your two roommates would be 22 and 24 and seem like a couple, though they don’t specifically say. There’s a chihuahua in the house with them and it’s right near the Central M stop, lose to Little Skips cafĂ© and groceries. Looks like a pretty standard renovation, new kitchen, wood floors, nothing fancy but a great price for the space.
PETS OK | Near Central M stop