Here’s what we got this month at the absolute bottom of the scale — we have sifted through all the rough and handed you the diamonds, though you’ll have to do your due diligene on one of them. Also check out some of the stuff on the Bushwick Classifieds, never know what you’ll find.

$1050 — 1br: Nice place in a great part of town, near the convenient train and bus hub, groceries, delicious food, art, and more, and now the M takes you straight to midtown. Wood floors, new kitchen, nice in general — few photos, so can’t see too much, but the price for this is excellent.
Wyckoff and Gates | Myrtle-Wyckoff LM

$955 — studio: Same part of town as above, not such an attractive block but it’s fine. The photos are awful but I have been in an apartment in here and they’re in fine shape, and there is a partition that allos for a bedroom area. It’s a good place and you cannot beat this price.
CATS OK | Linden and Wyckoff | Myrtle-Wyckoff LM

$1050 — 1br: Boring but easy: everything in here is new and the price is just so right. Pretty good location, too, close to the park, shopping, etc. Wood floors, standard kitchen, everything off the rack in this place, but you can punch it up with your own good taste.
CATS OK | Himrod and Knickerbocker | Knickerbocker M/DeKalb L

$950 — 1br: This is a BushwickBK no-no, but I can’t pass it up — large one-bedroom, private back yard, wood floors, and pretty convenient location near food, booze, and transportation, but no photos. And you have to pay 5 months up front. But this kind of price is pure insanity, almost too good to be true, so I’d check it out but with a skeptical eye.
PETS OK | Stanwix and Bushwick | Myrtle-Broadway JMZ