At a loss for images and info on our artist today, we’ve gone with this photo of King Tubby, a dub originator, since it’s a dub track… Photo via Vague Terrain

Each week we’ll highlight a different song by a Bushwick band or artist we like. If you would like to have your band’s song considered, you can submit an MP3 here.

SQE is a bit of an enigmatic figure. No emails, only one photo, and nothing but a simple Facebook blurb. Although he definitely lives in New York, even pinning down which borough isn’t possible. The only reason we’re aware of him, in fact, is because he posted some really good music to our humble music page.

The upright bass is the weapon of choice for our masked bandit, but he glides on the instrument along a river that passes through a series of different styles.

“Darker Dub” is the track of his that shines most brilliant. It’s full of reggae influences, trip hop singing, and a surprising horn solo interlude that’s overflowing with passion. The first and second half of the track are basically identical, but it’s likely you’ll listen to the song so many times that you won’t care for quite a while.

SQE — “Darker Dub”