Floating Points playing at Sunday Best this Sunday by Wesley Swinnen.

“I’m just a boring sod who likes to dig records,” the media wary Floating Points told BushwickBK after his set at Sunday Best at Brooklyn FireProof. “How’s that for a quote?”

It’s more likely he just doesn’t feel the necessity to talk about himself since everyone else is doing so. But he did get a little more open in this Red Bull Academy mix. Apparently he’s studying for his PhD in pain regulation. And it seems he was indeed a classically trained musician.

It’s pretty hard to lock this Londoner’s style down, and he seems to like it that way. You might hear him play some soulful house and techno, which is mostly what he played here in Bushwick. But you might also catch him on the psychedelic hip hop beat tip or getting into some warm, skittery dubstep. Then once you feel like you’ve got a handle on him, he’ll throw a classical composition into the mixture while juggling a funk and soul mixtape.

Early last year, he did a mix of mostly his own music for BBC, and that’s what is posted below. Most of his tracks here are now released, and it’s a good representation of the beats side of his production.

Floating Points Mix for Mary Anne Hobbs, BBC Radio 1. (01/21/09)